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Let Us Give The Loved One You Lost In A Motorcycle Accident A Voice

It is no secret that motorcycle accidents can be horrific on occasion. Sure, there are instances when riders just lay their bikes down, get a little road rash, and nothing more. However, the events can also be much, much worst. For starters, motorcyclists can sustain severe injuries in crashes. Still, those aren't the accidents we're here to talk about today, even as bad as they are. 

Nope, unfortunately, this post is focusing on wrongful deaths caused by negligent drivers. Some examples of negligence are speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, and distracted driving. When a motorcyclist dies in a crash, it is important for them to have their story told. Not only does it clear the air and bring closure to a terrible situation, but it can also reveal that surviving relatives are entitled to fair compensation. 

So, how do you give the deceased party a voice? By hiring a North Port accident attorney to build a wrongful death case in this instance, that's how. Our firm will organize and prepare your claim for trial. However, it is not uncommon for these suits to get resolved out of court. Regardless of what transpires, in hiring us, you're covered from all angles. Let's discuss three reasons why you should seek compensation for the loss of your loved one.

Medical Expenses

Did your loved one receive medical care before their passing? If so, depending on how you are related, those bills might fall to you. Have you been to the doctor recently? Yes, then you know how expensive even the most minor visit can be today. Now, magnify that by like a thousand or so, and that will probably equal up to the total due for the services rendered to a person in a motorcycle accident. 

Funeral Expenses

Have you had to bury someone lately? If you answered no, be glad. Why? Because there's nothing affordable about funerals, that's why. According to Seniors Life Insurance Finder, due to inflation, viewings with burials are estimated to run between $9,500 and $12,500 in 2021. That's a lot of cash to have to come up with in a pinch, but why should you be on the hook for it if someone else's negligence took the life of your loved one in a motorcycle accident? To put it bluntly, you shouldn't.

Lost Income

Families can also experience lost income when caregivers lose their lives to negligent drivers. Spouses, partners, and children can go from having steady benefits to nothing in the blink of an eye. What about mortgage payments, car notes, and those sorts of things? Even though they probably should, bills don't just stop because someone dies. Surviving relatives must alter how they live to survive, and why, because someone's negligence took the life of their primary provider, that's why.

Some North Port families might be hesitant to file wrongful death lawsuits, as they should be because those aren't decisions that should be taken lightly. However, we just gave you three really good reasons to seek compensation if a negligent driver kills your relative who happens to be a motorcyclist. First, are you unsure if you have a solid case? That's okay; it's not your job to be sure of such things; it's ours, and did you know that we offer free consultations? 

It's true. So, please, don't hesitate to contact us and schedule yours today. You do not need any cash upfront. In fact, with our firm, you'll only owe fees if you win and compensation is recovered. 

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