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Learning When Insurance Companies Are Trying To Sabotage Your Personal Injury Case

Before you experience an accident in southwest Florida, you may be under the impression that your car insurance provider is on your side. Your insurance provider may have promised the world before you signed your policy, and they may be pleasant while you’re making your premium payments without actively requiring their services. However, it’s important to remember that insurance providers are businesses first, and like any business, they’re going to look after their bottom line as the top priority. For this reason, you may be surprised at how far insurance companies are willing to go to minimize your settlement amount or have your claim tossed out altogether.

Car accident attorneys in southwest Florida are well-versed in insurance company tactics when it comes to minimizing settlements. The best way to protect yourself against these strategies is to have an experienced Florida auto accident attorney by your side.

The Strategies Insurance Companies Use To Minimize Your Claim

There are a few ways you can spot the strategies being used to minimize your car accident claim. A few of these telltale signs and strategies are:

• Drawing out inconsistencies – During the discovery process, when you will be questioned by the attorneys representing an insurance provider, you may find that the person interviewing you will go over certain points, again and again, attempting to draw out any inconsistencies. For instance, you may tell your doctor you’ve been having neck pain since the accident, but the doctor didn’t write it in your records – the insurance company will use this small tidbit to attempt to claim an inconsistency has been found. It’s important to not only have your facts straight but to make sure all relevant medical conditions have been accurately recorded.

• Using your pre-accident medical history – If you’ve been in an accident and received injuries, your insurance provider may look into the last handful of years of your medical history in an attempt to find any unrelated accidents that could be contributing to your pain. For instance, if you were injured in a fall 5 years ago and injured your leg, then injured your leg again in the accident, they may try to cite the previous injury for any weakness or pain you may be feeling. The insurance provider isn’t responsible for that previous injury, and therefore wouldn’t be held liable for compensation.

• Using physical or virtual surveillance – There is a reason why car accident attorneys always suggest going silent on social media after an accident, and to be careful of what activities you participate in. Surveillance, both physical and online, are tactics insurance companies use to prove that you’re not as injured as you claim, and they therefore aren’t responsible for as great of a settlement. If you’ve been injured, but surveillance shows you’ve posted photos from a concert on social media, they may use that as evidence that you’re in better physical shape than you claim.

• Inconsistent first responder reports – When first responders report to an accident, they may not record every injury, but prioritize those considered major at the time of an accident. These inconsistencies between what is reported by you and what was reported by first responders could be used against you. However, in these cases, medical reports by your medical team can provide the proof needed that first responders may have missed a genuine injury.

With an experienced southwest Florida personal injury attorney by your side, you’re given what you need to ensure your insurance provider treats you fairly in your compensation. To learn more about insurance provider strategies and how your car accident attorney can help you, contact us at today.