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Know Where To Turn For Help When A Motorcycle Accident Leaves You Injured

Southwest Florida is the perfect location for taking the old bike out for a spin. The weather is ideal for hitting the open road on two wheels and letting the wind whip through your hair. Bike rallies and events are scheduled in different areas throughout the spring and summer months. For instance, the 5th Annual Ocala Fest is set for April 20th, and the Leesburg Bikefest Pre-Party is scheduled for April 26th. Many of the events are for charity, and they help raise money for a variety of causes. Plus, the continual flow of traffic coming to Florida keeps our great state's economy flourishing. Bike

However, with more riders on the roads, the chance of a motorcycle accident occurring increases. Operators should always abide by the laws, drive defensively, and remain aware of their surroundings. Wearing the appropriate safety gear may lessen the severity of any injuries that you receive. If nothing else, at least consider purchasing a high-quality helmet to protect the head. Unlike cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles, a motorcycle does not have any door panels, a roof, or safety features like airbags. There is little to no protection, and a rider is typically thrown from the bike when an incident happens. They can receive traumatic brain injuries or other damages from their head hitting the pavement.

Everything is not just up to motorcycle riders though. Automobile operators, commercial truck drivers, bicyclists, and even pedestrians must do their parts to keep the roadways safe too. Avoiding texting, making calls, and posting to social media while driving will help reduce the number of accidents, but it is important to remember that not all incidents are preventable. Sometimes, things just happen. For instance, a blowout can occur without presenting any signs of tire failure. The action can send the car into another lane of traffic, off of the roadway, or even into a concrete barrier. Meanwhile, motorcycle operators that don't use a helmet might receive quite the surprise if a bug hits them in the eye. They can lose control, and even if no other vehicles are involved in the accident, the bike will become dinged up, and they will obtain a case of road rash.

Do You Need A Lawyer?

Many people are lucky enough to walk away from a motorcycle accident without a scratch, but other folks sustain severe damages that require doctor visits, physical therapy, and surgery to correct. Unfortunately, insurance companies don't always play nice. They use a variety of tactics to discredit claims and avoid paying out fair settlement amounts. An example would be getting victims to apply their John Hancock to documents that sign their rights to compensation away. Another standard practice of these organizations is to prolong proceedings in the hopes that the plaintiff runs out of money and agrees to a smaller sum.

Our firm has represented many residents of southwest Florida over the years with great success. Feel free to check out the results page and read client testimonies to find out what all of the fuss is about for yourself. The team provides professional, friendly, and trustworthy service to everyone, and they will be more than happy to do the same for you. Put over 30-years of experience in your corner, and get the compensation that you rightfully deserve.