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June Is National Safety Month - Get Involved And Help Keep SW Florida Workers Safe

No one likes being nagged about safety, least of all business owners with a lot on their plate already. However safety, and employee well-being, are the cornerstones for a thriving business and a thriving community.

This has become more evident as 2019 has had the highest number of workplace deaths and workplace injuries since 2007.

In 2019 5,333 people lost their lives in accidents at work, which included work-related auto accidents, slip and falls, and even an astonishing 454 homicides.

In fact, injuries and deaths at work are a local problem as well, not just a national statistic. Last month a local man died while in a work-related accident at Eldred’s Marina In Placida near Boca Grand Causeway.

A staggering 888,200 work injuries occurred that were serious enough for the employee to miss work for needing medical treatment, and work injuries totaled 2,814,000 for the year.

With numbers like those in mind we should realize workplace safety should be a major priority for any business owner who wants to stay productive and free of injury lawsuits.

Business owners are responsible for the safety of both employees and patrons on their property and while they are on the clock, and in today’s world this must also include security as well as traditional workplace safety measures.

Beginning in 1996, in an effort to raise awareness and help reduce the number of people killed or injured while on the job, the National Safety Council (NSC), America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate, established June as National Safety Month.

Not just another hashtag, the NSC has provided useful materials for business owners, managers and home owners to use for free, to help raise awareness and improve safety procedures around the country.

People looking get involved and help make SW Florida safer can the materials can register at this page on the NSC website and then access the materials at no cost.

As part of NSC’s awareness campaign, each week will dive into a different topic.

The first week will focus on Preventing Incidents Before They Start, by Identifying risks and taking proactive safety measures.

The second week addresses ongoing COVID-19 safety concerns for employers. As the pandemic comes to an end the danger is reduced but still exists, and employers should have all the facts so they can set policies that best reflect their needs and, keep everyone healthy.

Week three focuses on how employers can help employees feel safe while on the job, and include a broad range of issues from physical safety to mental health and wellness.

Week four ends National Safety Month by allowing employers to get guidance from NSC on how to improve, and what to look for to ensure a safe operation over the long term.

With SW Florida fully out of our busy season, the summer months are a great time for employers to take stock of their business and making sure safety concerns and procedures are addressed is a smart way to take advantage of this slower time of year.

If you are an employer or manager looking to improve the safety of your workplace we encourage you to visit the National Safety Council’s website and take advantage of the free resources they have.

As one of Florida’s most experienced and well-known Workers' Compensation lawyers, attorney Brian O. Sutter has decades of experience with workplace injury law, and has seen hundreds of cases over the years. If you or someone you know has been injured while on the job contact All Injuries Law Firm today for your free case review.

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