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Be Safe At Work - Man Dies In Accident At Eldred’s Marina In Placida

Safety First is an expression too often used jokingly by people with physical jobs. It's easy for workers and employers to become complacent, and place profits and convenience over doing things right, following safety guidelines.

Southwest Florida is home to many physically demanding industries from construction and industrial to road work, auto repair, fishing and marine services.

All of these disparate industries and many more, in our area have one thing in common - they can be dangerous. Unexpected accidents at work leading to serious and even deadly injury, quickly turning a routine day at work into a life-changing nightmare.

The danger of workplace accidents was highlighted in a tragic fashion after Charlotte County Sheriff's office reported a man was fatally injured after a work accident at a local marina.

The accident happened Friday morning, at Eldred’s Marina on Boca Causeway in Placida when a worker was fatally injured while attempting to deploy a crane at the marina.

According to the report from Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, EMS attempted to save the injured man's life at the scene of the accident however, despite their best efforts, the man died from his injuries.

The deceased man was identified by Charlotte County Sheriff's Office as 54-year-old Otis Long Jr.

Charlotte County Sheriff's Office has also stated that the accident remains under investigation, and further details will be announced as they become available.

As workers comp attorneys serving southwest Florida for more than 20 years, we have seen many serious injures that have resulted from accidents at work. At first glance work injuries often seem random and unavoidable, however, in most cases these injuries could have been avoided by slowing things down, and making sure safety procedures are being followed.

If you or someone you know has been harmed in an accident at work, contact workers compensation attorney Brian O. Sutter of All Injuries Law Firm today for your free attorney consultation.

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