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Hundreds Of RVs Recalled; Is Your Motorhome Really Safe?

With the COVID-19 pandemic exploding across the United States, many people have taken to renting and buying RVs. Some folks will use them to get in touch with nature while camping. Others will drive the vehicles from place to place, taking in the sights and remaining socially distanced. Beaches, national parks, and lakes are just some destinations people choose to go to in their motorhomes.

Regardless of what they are doing or where they are going, owners must be careful when they are out and about. After all, if they get into accidents while traveling, their trips might have to be cut short. Drivers and passengers alike can sustain injuries in the events too, which nobody wants. If you happen to be an RVer looking for adventure, utilize safe driving practices, and hopefully you and your loved ones will avoid such disasters.

Sometimes, Defective Products Make Accidents Unavoidable

Manufacturer's liability is a legal doctrine that holds manufacturers or sellers liable for harm that their products cause. Therefore, if a defective part leaves a person hurt and injured, they may be able to recover compensation from the negligent party for their damages. When vehicles such as RVs are recalled, hope is not lost. People can still seek restitution if their wounds came before the recall or if they did not have any prior knowledge of the recall.

With that being said, we will now take a quick look at a problem with 643 Tiffin buses and Zephyr motorhomes from 2019-2020. These units have control modules that may not have been wired correctly. As a result, the windshield wipers can stop working. If the issue occurs while the vehicles are in motion and going through inclement weather, drivers will have limited visibility, increasing their crashing risks.

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Give our firm a call if you believe a defective product is responsible for your injuries. People shouldn't have to pay out of pocket for medical bills that were no fault of their own. Receiving money from manufacturers can be easier said than done. They often have legal teams on retainers, which are chomping at the bits to discredit claims. The professionals pull out all the stops to prevent their clients from paying significant amounts of compensation.

We offer free consultations because accident victims have plenty on their plates without trying to come up with funds to pay a lawyer. Our clients only have to think about fees when they win, but they do not have to cover the expenses out of pocket before then. Attorney fees, medical bills, and other costs are paid via a percentage of the winnings. Outcomes vary from one case to the next. The following examples of our past results will give people an idea of what they could get:

• Wrongful Death - $3,100,000
• Brain Injury - $7,500,000
• Personal Injury - $1,900,000
• Auto Accident - $1,500,000
• Commercial Truck Accident - $1,000,000

Don't get left holding the bag for problems associated with defective products when you did nothing wrong. Instead, fight back by putting a reputable and trustworthy lawyer in your corner. They will do everything possible within the law to recover the compensation that you deserve. A single phone call could keep financial hardships from lost wages, current and future medical expenses, and similar problems at bay. So what are you waiting for? Schedule your consultation and discover all of the benefits for yourself.