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Insurance Companies May Deny Injury Claims For These Or Other Reasons

Auto insurance is mandatory in most places across the United States, including Florida. People who get pulled over without it will likely have to pay steep fines, and their cars could get towed as well. In some locations, drivers get points added to their licenses, and they must do what the court deems necessary to have them removed.

Meanwhile, if an individual becomes involved in an accident with no insurance, they will be on the hook for damages they caused out of pocket. As if that wasn't enough, their license could be suspended, too, and they will probably receive at least one ticket. Hence, it is best to bite the bullet and purchase a high-quality policy to keep such issues at bay.

Yes, buying auto insurance can seem like a waste of time on occasion. After all, sometimes drivers don't even have to use their policies, ever. They just pay their premiums, and that's it. If you are such a motorist, that is good news. It means that your vehicle hasn't been hit by someone else, or you haven't struck a car yourself. However, if you ever get injured in an accident and file an injury claim, don't be surprised if it gets denied.

Insurers deny claims for many different reasons, but we will focus on three here today. Before getting to them, let's discuss something else, though. All may not be lost if an agency refuses to pay. You might still be able to acquire the settlement you need and deserve.

How? With the help of a personal injury lawyer, that's how. Feel free to contact our firm to see what's what. 

The initial consultation is free, so you can discover where your claim stands without spending a dime. Also, our clients only pay fees when they win. How nice is that? Now, without further ado, we will move on and discuss three reasons why insurers deny injury claims. 

The Policyholder Didn't Make Their Payments

Auto insurance policies tend to get canceled when people don't pay their premiums. Hence, if you get hurt in an accident with a negligent driver who didn't handle their business, your injury claim could be denied, and that would certainly be a bummer. You must look at things from the insurer's point of view, though. Why should that pay up when the policyholder isn't a paying customer?

The Claim Wasn't Filed In Time

Car accident claims must be filed within specific time limits. How long people have depends on where the incidents occurred. When insurers don't receive claims ahead of the cut-off dates, they usually get denied. If you do not wish to have this happen to you, it is best to report collisions promptly. Of course, you may not be able to immediately because of a hospital stay, but still, you should do so as quickly as possible. The action can prevent you from experiencing grief and headaches in the long run.

Insufficient Coverage

Not all auto insurance policies are created equal. Some cover a multitude of things, while others only take care of the bare minimum as required by law. There isn't necessarily wrong with going with either choice. However, sometimes people have insufficient coverage. When that's the case, insurance companies reject claims.

These are several common reasons why auto accident claims get denied, but as mentioned earlier, there are many more. If an insurer begins giving you the run-around following a crash, please, don't hesitate to contact us. We will do everything in our power to resolve the matter punctually.

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