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Emotional Trauma: The Overlooked By-Product of Auto Accidents

The physical injuries that come as a result of a car accident are nothing to scoff at. Because they are visible to the naked eye, they are often seen as the most prominent hurdles to overcome after an accident.

What occasionally gets swept under the rug is the emotional trauma we can potentially experience. Those who get into accidents are at a heightened risk of emotional trauma. It can render us either impaired or completely incapable of day-to-day life, be it at home or at work. So what should you do when faced with the threat of emotional trauma after going through an auto accident?

Watch Out For Symptoms

While not every car accident survivor goes through emotional trauma, some end up facing months or even years of severe, and even crippling, emotional side effects. Those who’ve recently had an auto accident may soon experience some of the following:

• Anxiety
• Shock
• Embarrassment
• Depression
• Rage
• Fear

Those who end up overwhelmed by these emotions may begin to distance themselves from those close to them, have breakdowns in the middle of work, or even disregard all of their social and professional obligations. It’s completely normal for one to be unable to tell if they’re going through any form of emotional trauma, but it’s important to seek professional help as soon as they do. There is no definite timeline to when these episodes may start, but they could range from days to months after the accident.

Seek Professional Help When You Detect Any Signs

Treatment can be both expensive and challenging to squeeze into one’s everyday routine. However, depending on the person, sometimes getting treatment is necessary for one to be able to return to their normal life before the accident.

Individuals who find themselves feeling traumatized or overwhelmed after a car accident must immediately set an appointment with their doctor to see if they need any form of treatment. From medications to therapy, there is a wide variety of treatments available to address stress-related trauma.

Should I Settle?

We cannot emphasize this enough: never allow yourself to be lowballed. While your insurance company may cover your treatment for the physical injuries you sustained, remember that your treatment for psychological trauma is valid and should be covered as well. You deserve to be compensated for everything you need to undergo to return to your normal life after you’ve had a traumatic car accident.

If your doctor recommends treatment for post-traumatic stress, discuss this with your insurance company immediately. If your insurance company insists on only covering treatments for your physical injuries or even less, seek the help of a seasoned auto accident lawyer. A reliable auto accident lawyer should be able to make sure you are properly compensated for all of your post-traumatic struggles.

Regardless of whether it is physical or emotional, post-accident trauma is not something to be ignored or belittled. Thus, if you find yourself physically or emotionally compromised after facing an accident, it is important that you find an excellent auto accident lawyer to handle your case.

All Injuries Law Firm covers various areas of injury law, not the least of which includes auto accidents. Even if you have extensive insurance coverage, it can’t guarantee you absolute comfort after the accident as your insurance company may withhold compensation through technicalities. All Injuries Law Firm is committed to helping you navigate through that type of situation. Contact us today to get started.