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Drivers Must Remember To Watch For Bicyclists Or Bad Stuff Will Happen

There are probably more bike riders in the state of Florida today than ever before. Why? One reason is that lots of folks have lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They don't have the money for gas and insurance but still need to get around from place to place.

Therefore, they hop on their bikes and travel to grocery stores, unemployment offices, and more. 

Others have converted to working from home during the healthcare crisis. That is good for them because they are still getting paid. However, sitting at the kitchen table or a desk, all day, every day, doesn't allow them to exercise much. Thus, plenty of these employees have probably invested in bikes to ride and shed some extra pounds. The act can even help them clear their heads while alleviating stress, tension, and anxiety.

Of course, there is everyone else who is a Florida bicyclist too. Some students use this mode of transportation to travel between home and school. Tourists go on two-wheel rides to take in the sights. They check out beaches, amusement parks, clubs, and more. The point is that Florida's streets are full of bicyclists these days. However, they are also full of passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs. Tractor-Trailers can be found here as well.

If even one of them is negligent in some shape, form, or fashion, a catastrophe can strike. It typically isn't pretty when a bike rider gets hit by a motor vehicle. Bikers can sometimes lose their lives in the events. Those that are lucky enough not to die face their own struggles. They often sustain severe injuries, such as...

• Fractures And Broken Bones
• Partial Or Full Paralysis
• Loss Of Limbs
• Internal Organ Damage
• Traumatic Brain Injury

The Person's Insurance Company Could Deny Your Claim

Insurers are notorious for denying injury claims outright. They also have other tricks up their sleeves to avoid paying victims the compensation they rightfully deserve. For instance, they know their pockets are deeper than most injured parties. The companies use delay tactics, hoping that individuals run out of money and agree to small settlements. Also, agencies offer low-ball figures from the get-go. People who do not know any better accept the money. Then, later on, they discover it wasn't even close to being enough to cover their expenses.

Don't Get Taken Advantage Of In Your Time Of Need

Floridian bicyclists that have been injured by negligent motorists should give our office a call. We offer free consultations because victims shouldn't have to blow through their savings just to see if they have claims.

Additionally, personal injury cases are paid via a contingency fee. That means clients only pay if they win. The team collects witness statements, accident reports, and cell phone records to build strong cases. They also gather driver and medical histories when necessary. Our attorneys can get black box data too. So, don't delay any longer. Instead, contact us and put a trustworthy firm in your corner.