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Any Head Injury Carries The Risk Of Traumatic Brain Injury

Whether you’re shopping in North Port, driving in Englewood, or working in Venice, accidents can happen anywhere at any time. But if an accident isn’t your fault, and the responsibility rests on the shoulders of someone else, like another driver or negligent property owner. You can, and should, expect to get compensated for your trouble by the people responsible.

However, some injuries are less straightforward than others. Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a condition that can affect anyone that sustains an injury to the head. Unfortunately, it has a lot of possible symptoms and doesn’t always make itself known quickly, which is why it can sometimes be difficult to diagnose.

What Is TBI?

Traumatic brain injury results from different causes but is generally thought of as an injury that affects the brain itself. Getting hit on the head may result in bleeding or even a bump but may not always directly affect the brain. TBI occurs if there’s a sudden movement, which causes the brain to collide with the skull itself, or there is a blow so severe the skull is broken, and the brain makes hard contact with a foreign object.

The resulting damage takes the form of broken blood vessels, damaged brain cells, and possible neurochemical changes resulting from the imbalance in cells and blood. Due to the “central control system,” the nature of the brain can result in a huge range of different possible symptoms.

Mild TBI

In more fortunate cases, traumatic brain injury may be mild. Accident victims will experience only a few temporary systems such as:

• Memory loss
• Headaches
• Blurred vision
• Confusion
• Dizziness
• Behavioral change

These are temporary symptoms and will recede given enough time. The accident victim’s health and cognitive processes will return to normal.

Moderate To Severe

On the other hand, more serious incidents of TBI can result in the same symptoms, sometimes magnified, as well as additional symptoms like:

• Weakness in limbs
• Slurring speech
• Persistent nausea and vomiting
• Cognitive impairment

The danger with more severe forms of TBI is that the symptoms often last much longer. In the worst cases, they may even be permanent, such as permanent trembling in the limbs that makes fine motor control of the hands more difficult or permanent inability to concentrate, which can make office jobs nearly impossible.

Get The Help You Need

TBI can be a devastating injury that may require extensive recovery or permanent adjustment to a new normal with some kind of handicap. The treatment and recovery process can be complex and costly. If you’re the victim of TBI, and someone else’s negligence caused your injury, you should not have to shoulder the financial burden and possible employment difficulties that may arise from this. The people responsible for causing the accident should be held accountable for what they’ve done and pay for their mistake by financially supporting your recovery.

If you're in the Fort Meyers, Sarasota, or Port Charlotte region of Florida, and you need help with getting proper compensation for an injury someone else’s negligence caused, get legal help. Talk to a personal injury lawyer experienced in traumatic brain injury about your situation and work toward getting the problem resolved.

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