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2 Reasons To Get A Workers' Compensation Attorney In North Port

So, you've worked for the same company in North Port for the past 10 years. Then, one day it happens, you get hurt on the job. Nobody is talking about a splinter in your finger either. Rather, perhaps a vendor, drunk at work, we might add, ran over your foot with their truck. The event left you with crushed bones, and surgeries are needed to implant screws so that everything can heal correctly.

Or, how about this? The tractor you were made to drive hadn't been properly maintained over the years. In fact, it actually had not even received a safety inspection in the last two years alone. You've voiced your concern, and so have other employees, to the manager over the years, but still, nothing has been done. You and your fellow team members have begun referring to the machine as "Death Trap." Then, it happens, the gear box locks up one day while you're driving. The tractor makes a hard right, flips, and lands on top of you, leaving you with a crushed pelvis and broken leg. 

The point is that workplace accidents come in many different shapes and sizes. Not only that, but so do the injuries that accompany them. On occasion, issues are minor. A trip to the doctor and a little R&R is all that is needed for an employee to get back on his or her feet again. Meanwhile, in other instances, workers aren't that lucky. Instead, their injuries are severe, and they cannot work for months or year because of them. Then again, sometimes, people who get hurt on the job are never able to work again.

When employees get severely injured at work, they can file for workers' compensation benefits. It sounds so easy, right? However, that isn't always the case. The following are some of the reasons why it's necessary to have a reputable attorney in your corner.

Denies The Injury Happened At Work

One way insurance companies and employers try to get workers' compensation claims denied is by saying the injuries didn't happen at work. Unfortunately, this is a common practice when it comes to being exposed to substances on the job, only to get diseases later. Or, when small/slight injuries go unreported, only to become aggravated and exacerbated at another time, employers and carriers often say the original ailment didn't happen at the workplace. So, if you're being told your injury didn't occur on the job, while you know that it did, get yourself a workers' compensation attorney. They'll get to the bottom of things and recover the money you're owed. 

Employer Beats Around The Bush

Typically, time is of the essence as far as workers' compensation claims are concerned. Employees are usually hurting and in need of the funds when they file. With everyday expenses, no paycheck coming in, and new medical bills, their savings get depleted in a hurry. However, sometimes, employers beat around the bush with workers' comp claims. Perhaps they believe if they hold out long enough, employees will give up and return to work, or there could be other ulterior motives. It doesn't really matter why it happens; it does. So, put a lawyer in your corner to speed things up and show the employer that you mean business. 

The Final Thoughts

If you require the services of a workers' compensation attorney in North Port, look no further than All Injuries Law Firm, P.A. The initial case review is free if you've been injured on the job anywhere in southwest Florida. So, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment today. 

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