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Wrongful Death Claims And Florida Law

Wrongful death is a civil action that may be brought by the survivors of a deceased party. The Florida Wrongful Death Act specifically allows spouses, children, parents, and relatives who may have been dependent on the deceased to seek financial recovery.

The estate of the deceased may also file a wrongful death lawsuit to seek financial remedy for the losses sustained as a result of the tragic loss of a loved one.

There is a two year statute of limitations on wrongful death in Florida which means you should speak to a wrongful death law firm promptly if you believe you or your family have a wrongful death claim.

Types of wrongful death claims

An actionable wrongful death can occur anywhere and at any time. Some examples of wrongful death claims include the following:

- Slip and fall injury
- Premises injury
- Medical malpractice
- Birth injury
- Work or job-related injury
- Exposure to toxic materials
- Nursing home abuse
- Airplane accidents
- Boating accidents
- Car accidents
- Motorcycle accidents
- Criminal attack
- Animal attack

An experienced wrongful death lawyer knows how to evaluate your situation and determine whether you should bring an accidental death lawsuit. The sooner you contact an attorney the better in order that evidence can be preserved and the facts surrounding the death can be investigated.

Leading causes of accidental deaths in the United States

According to statistics of the National Vital Statistics Report of 2002 the leading causes of accidental deaths in the United States were as follows:

- Motor vehicle accidents: 43,354
- Unspecified accidents: 17,437
- Complications of medical surgical care: 3,059
- Falls: 13,322
- Poisoning and noxious substances: 12, 757
- Drowning: 3,842

Many of these accidental deaths can become the subject of a wrongful death claim. For wrongful death claims in Florida seek out experienced attorneys.

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