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Workplace Products Have To Work Correctly

When you are hired to do a job, one of the things that most people expect is that if there is any work that needs to be done with tools, equipment, or other hardware, this is not going to be a Bring Your Own Gear affair. Unless you own the business yourself and are a contractor, the business that hires you as an employee is expected to furnish the gear that will be required. People that work at a nuclear reactor, for example, aren’t expected to provide their own emergency safety gear in case of a nuclear accident. And when a skilled animator is hired at an animation studio, he or she is not expected to bring their own computer or art supplies into the studio; these things will be provided.

This also means that the employers have a certain legal obligation to ensure that the equipment or environment they create for employees is one that is safe, and works as intended. And if that doesn’t happen, there can be serious legal ramifications.

Safety Within Reason

Anyone that decides to start a business and hire employees doesn’t just have to worry about remaining profitable. Certain ethical, professional, and legal obligations have to be upheld. One of those obligations is to provide a safe environment for both employees and, if the business has them, customers. However, this need to provide a safe environment is one predicated on reasonable measures.

So if two employees get into a fight, and one pushes another down the stairs, and that employee who was pushed sustains an injury, that is not the fault of the business, and the business has no legal obligation to compensate the employee for what was clearly a personal altercation.

On the other hand, if a business tries to save money by buying used computers with faulty electrical components, and one of the employees makes a note that the computers are dangerous, this is a big problem. If repeated warnings about faulty electronics are ignored, and the company insists the employees use them, eventually resulting in a product breakdown that causes a fire and injuries or even kills employees, then the employer is 100% completely liable for any injury or death that faulty equipment caused.

Employees Have Options

In a situation as tragic as the one above, it was a conscious decision on the part of the employer to use sub-standard equipment, and it was a conscious choice to neglect warnings that led to a fire. Any injuries or even loss of life that employees suffered as a result of this faulty product decision would be eligible for financial compensation.

If you or someone you know finds themselves in a similar situation, where inferior or faulty products were used on the job, and that defect resulted in an injury you should get professional help. Talk to a lawyer that is experienced in workplace injuries or workers compensation and explain what happened. A good lawyer can then show what the next steps should be in making sure a negligent employer is held accountable for his or her actions.