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Why You Should Fight For Your SSDI Benefits

If you have recently filed for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, then you may already be well aware of how frustrating and exhausting the entire process can be. Alongside the paperwork, you may have to contend with several appointments and phone calls to make sure your application goes through. If it doesn't, you are met with an entirely new set of phone calls and appointments to find out why your application was rejected.

Despite all the headaches and stress, however, you should still fight for your SSDI benefits. If you have an injury or illness that prevents you from working to support yourself and pay for medical treatment, then you deserve those benefits and should do everything to get what you are entitled to receive.

Professional Assistance

The first thing you should do is to get a professional in your corner to make the SSDI benefits application process easier and more straightforward. It can be fairly difficult to navigate it alone, especially if you don't have any experience or if you don’t know what to expect. A lawyer who is well versed in SSDI can help you navigate the system and guide you in the right direction.

An attorney can review your application and other documents you are submitting to make sure that there are no technical errors or mistakes that could result in a rejected application. They will also see to it that you have documented and included all the paperwork and evidence you need. In addition, they will communicate with the Social Security Administration to ensure that you comply with all deadlines or information requests.

Studies have even shown that a claimant who is represented by an attorney is three times more likely to have their disability claim approved and be awarded their disability benefits. Most attorneys will also take this kind of case on a contingency basis, which means they will not make you pay anything if you do not get any benefits in the end.

Benefits Of Disability

Why go through the hassle, you may ask? SSDI benefits pay out to you and other members of your family if you are insured. Those benefits can stay in effect for as long as you are disabled or until you reach the age of 65. Once you hit that age, then your SSDI benefits will stop, and your retirement benefits will begin.

The amount of your SSDI benefits will vary depending on how severe your disability is and how much income you currently have. Not fighting for those benefits can leave you with little money to support yourself, and you may end up buried in medical debt as you fight to pay for treatments and medical support.

A Rejected Application

If your application was denied, you have the right to appeal that decision. Some common reasons for a claim denial include the following:

• Lack Of Medical Evidence
• You Make More Money Than The Substantial Gainful Activity For Your Condition
• You Are Not Following Your Treatment Plan
• You Are Ignoring Requests In Regard To Your Disability Claim
• You Are Refiling A Claim After A Denial

If you have an experienced attorney on your side, they can help you with the appeals process. They will make sure that any new medical evidence and documentation is submitted and help you reorganize the facts related to your claim. You will then go to a disability hearing where the case will be reviewed.

Having an attorney is so important in making sure you follow each step as you apply for SSDI benefits or appeal a denial. You only have a 60-day window from the date you received a determination letter to appeal the decision.