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Why Will The Insurance Company Deny Valid Claims

It is important for motor vehicle drivers to know that insurance companies will want to look out for their best monetary interest as well, and it’s important to realize that insurance companies may deny valid claims or offer low settlement amounts in an effort to save from paying more or at all. If you’ve been in an accident, and you have what you believe is a valid claim, you may still find that you have trouble collecting the settlement you need in order to recover and move on with your life.

At All Injuries Law Firm, we want to make it easier for our clients to understand just what they may be able to expect when collecting a claim from an insurance provider, and how they can fight to receive the settlement they deserve. With the assistance of an attorney, you may be able to negotiate a higher settlement to cover your injuries and missed work, and it can help you to understand the claim process much better as well.

PIP And No Fault

Two words that are important to understand when wondering why an insurance company would deny a valid claim are PIP and no fault. The state of Florida observes no fault insurance laws that hold the insurance provider responsible for the injury costs and missed work wages experienced by a driver that has been in an accident. Regardless if the driver was at fault or not, and unless the injuries are deemed extreme, it will be your own insurance company you’re working through in order to get the settlement you need.

PIP stands for personal injury protection, and this is the part of the insurance policy that is tasked with handling these injury claims.
Before changes to the PIP law, motorists were required to have a $10,000 minimum of accident injury coverage, but this has recently dropped down to only $2,500 in recent years. What this means is that some policyholders may find that their insurance only allows them to collect a maximum of $2,500 for their injuries, even if the expenses incurred were much more.

Denied Claims And The Importance Of An Attorney

If your insurance provider denies your claim, you may be able to take them to court to get the money you deserve. If you have the evidence to back up your case, you sought medical treatment within the 14 day window set out by the PIP law, and you have medical expenses that need compensation, you can work to get the insurance settlement you deserve. When bringing these cases to court, insurance providers will have their own attorneys fighting for them, so it’s important that you arm yourself with adequate representation as well.

At All Injuries Law Firm, we are well versed in Florida insurance laws, and what motor vehicle drivers go through after experiencing an accident. Using our knowledge in the field, we can fight for you to get you the settlement you need to finally move on from your accident, and you’ll be glad you didn’t allow your claim to go denied. If you’ve been in an accident recently and are looking for representation to take your denied claim to court, simply contact us today to see what we can do for you.