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Why Was My Social Security Disability Claim In Ft. Myers Denied?

When you need social security disability in Ft. Myers, Florida you likely need it as quickly as possible. However, more than half of applicants for social security disability in the United States are initially denied. Only 22% of applicants in the US are approved right away, while more than 65% have to apply a second time in order to get the disability benefits they deserve after an accident.

Those in Ft. Myers, Florida who are denied social security disability are likely wondering why their claim is denied and whether or not they should apply again in order to get the compensation they need after an accident has occurred. Some of the most common reasons area social security disability applications are denied are:

• You’re earning over the income threshold – If you’re working in a different position or a different field since you’re accident, you may still apply for social security disability benefits. However, in order to be eligible, you must make under a certain amount to have your application approved. If you’re working a small amount while applying for social security disability and you’re making more than around $1,300 per month your application is likely to be denied. In cases such as these your application will likely continue to be denied as long as you make over the income threshold.

• Your disability isn’t long-lasting – In order to qualify for social security disability income your injury or illness must be severe enough to leave you impaired for at least 12 months. In these cases, your application may initially be denied, but approved later on when your impairment has been proven to last for a certain span of time. For instance, if you suffered a severe broken bone, your application may be denied initially because most broken bones heal within a year. If it has been 4 to 6 months since the injury and your bone isn’t on track to heal soon, you may apply again and have your application approved.

• The Social Security Administration has trouble communicating with you – If you’re filling out your paperwork for your application and miss some contact information, your address is illegible, or you’ve filled out your information incorrectly, this may be cause to deny your application. For this reason, it’s important to take on the process with the help of a skilled personal injury attorney in Ft. Myers, Florida to ensure all information is filled out correctly and communication is seamless.

• You haven’t followed doctor’s orders – If your doctor has prescribed certain therapies, medications, and further tests, and you’ve denied their recommendations, the social security administration may deny your application. In some instances, denying certain medical recommendations may be acceptable if you’re too injured or ill to undergo a therapy, or you’re unable to undergo therapy without assistance and you cannot find someone to assist you in your care. For instance, if your doctor recommends physical therapy and your injury causes you to need transportation that you cannot immediately find.

Applying for social security disability after an accident can be a complicated process, and it’s easy to see how one may become disheartened after being denied the benefit they need. A skilled and experienced personal injury attorney can assist you through the initial application process, re-application process, and any communications with the social security administration having to do with your claim. If you’re interested in learning more about social security disability, contact us at today.

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