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Why Policy Providers Hire Insurance Adjusters

Vehicle crash data published by Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) reveals that there were 403, 626 vehicle crashes in 2018 alone. Fatalities from those crashes reached 3,135, while injuries were numbered at a total of 255,353. Accident insurance policyholders in that statistic may have had to deal with insurance adjusters in claiming their benefits.

Who exactly are these industry pros, and what do they do for accident insurance policyholders? Find out how personal injury attorneys can help you navigate the complex process of dealing with insurance adjusters.

What an Insurance Adjuster Does

Insurance adjusters are sometimes called claim specialists, independent claims analysts, or claims representatives. They do in-depth research concerning all the possible details surrounding accident claims to determine the total value of the claim. Their main goal is to accurately identify an insurance company’s level of liability.

Some of the research activities they do for insurance companies that hire their services include requesting for police or medical records when applicable and conducting interviews with the claimant and witnesses, among others.

While an accident is a personal matter to you and your loved ones, at the end of the day, insurance adjusters almost always aim to close a claimant’s demands for an amount that will make management happy.

These industry pros know extensive details about cases thanks to their standard, optimized claims adjuster process. If they do their job extremely well, you might be backed into a corner and forced to settle for less than you hoped for. This is because they will try to find all the possible gaps in your case so they can keep counteroffers low.

How Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You Deal with Insurance Adjusters

Accident lawyers can help you navigate the accident claims process. Dealing with the negotiation process may be tedious and stressful, as insurance providers will most likely employ various strategies designed to make the whole affair more complicated than it is.

A personal injury law firm will help you reach a mutually beneficial settlement with your insurance provider more smoothly. They will also do a thorough review of vehicle crash numbers, medical records, testimonies, and facts in order to make a strong case for you and help you get the best possible payout.

Excellent accident lawyers will compose your demand letter in a way that itemizes all your demands in a professionally organized, concise manner and assist you through negotiations until you reach the finish line.

If you are a victim, get expert legal help on insurance claims from our experienced accident lawyers at All Injuries Law Firm. Our entire team is dedicated to doing all we can to ensure that our clients get what is due them. Get in touch with us at one of our Southern Florida law offices for a consultation. We would love to discuss how we can be of service to you.