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Why Are Witness Statements Important After An Accident On Veterans Blvd In Port Charlotte?

One often overlooked bit of the evidence collection process after a Port Charlotte auto accident is collecting witness statements. You’re on Veterans Blvd, you get into an auto accident, you just want the experience to be over with. Maybe you take a few photos, file a police report, and head off to be checked by medical professionals. An auto accident always makes for a bad day, but bad can become worse if you fail to take another very important step.

Evidence is crucial in any accident case. If you’re going up against your insurance company who is trying to lowball or deny your claim, it’ll be your evidence that stands to get you the compensation you deserve. For this reason, it’s incredibly important to gather as much as you can.

When Is The Best Time To Collect Witness Statements?

Witness statements should always be taken as soon as possible after an accident has occurred in Port Charlotte. The human memory is flawed, and as time goes on key details may be left out, a bias might creep in, and you might not be getting the full story. The sooner you’re able to get witness statements, the more likely they are to be completely accurate.

If you’re uninjured or suffered only the most minor injuries after an accident, witness statements should be gathered immediately or as close to immediately as possible. This gives you your most accurate and detailed accounts. If you have been injured, a passenger or loved one can collect witness statements for you, or gather contact information so contact can be made as soon as you are able.

What Witness Statements Hold The Most Weight?

Generally speaking, third party witness statements are the most valuable to your case. While a passenger in your vehicle can provide a witness statement, it may be deemed as potentially biased or flawed simply due to their relation to you. If there were any uninvolved drivers on the road, pedestrians on the sidewalk, or homeowners on their properties who witnessed the accident, it’s their accounts that will be taken most seriously.

Statements Can Be Used Against You

While collecting witness statements should be considered a positive part of the evidence collection process in regard to your case, this isn’t universally the case. Providing your own statements to an insurance provider can come back to hurt you later on. Phrases that sound like apologies or admitting fault, or anything that could be taken in more than one way could serve as “evidence” to deny or lowball your claim.

Before providing any sort of statement or communication, it’s always best to talk to your Port Charlotte auto accident attorney to make sure you’re not giving too much information or saying anything that can be misconstrued in any way. Your auto accident attorney will be able to walk you through your communications with Florida insurance providers, thus giving you your best chance at a successful outcome with your claim.

Evidence Collection With Your Attorney

Your Florida auto accident attorney will be able to walk you through collecting witness information as well as all other steps in the evidence collection process. With a skilled and knowledgeable professional by your side, you’ll be able to experience a clear and confident process from the day of the accident until the day you get the settlement you need to complete your recovery. To learn more about what our attorneys can do for you, contact us at today.

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