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Who’s Liable In A Trampoline Accident?

With the warm spring and summer weather flooding in, everyone is excited to put out the old trampoline and learn some new tricks. However, this also means that a few trampoline accidents are bound to occur as well.

When someone is hurt in a trampoline accident, lawsuits typically don’t follow. After all, the trampoline is known to be a bit on the dangerous side to begin with and it can be all too easy for someone to get hurt.

However, what happens if the accident was caused by someone’s negligence in the matter?

Though the jumpers themselves are typically the ones to blame, doesn’t mean it is always their fault. Even trampolines require a certain amount of care, supervision, and proper materials to work correctly.

So if it isn’t their fault, who’s to blame?

Actually, there are a few people who could be responsible for the accident. It could be any one of them or it could be a combination of all. Here are your most likely suspects:

1. The Trampoline’s Manufacturer Or Part Creator

The manufacturer of a trampoline is responsible for upholding their promises and obligations in connect with their product. For example, if they claim their trampoline can support a 300-pound person, then the trampoline shouldn’t give way when a child half that size uses it.

However, sometimes it is not the manufacturer of the trampoline, but rather the creator of one of the trampoline’s parts. For example, if the maker of the screws made them with material that easily breaks, then they could be to blame for the trampoline falling apart.

2. The Trampoline’s Owner

There are 2 main ways that the trampoline injury was the fault of the trampoline’s owner; improper supervision and improper care.

As the owner of a trampoline, you are responsible for ensuring the safety of those using it and keeping it from being accessed easily. This mostly involves allowing children to use the trampoline since they do not fully understand the consequences of their actions. Always make sure there is a responsible adult around to watch them when using the trampoline and keeping the access ladder stored away can keep children from hopping on by themselves.

However, you are also responsible for keeping up with good trampoline care. Trampolines are often exposed to the elements, making them all the more vulnerable to rusting and wearing down. With proper care you can keep it protected from wear and tear so it can last a long time. That aside, before you let anyone onto the trampoline, you should always make sure it is in working condition.

3. Another Trampoline User

That’s right, the culprit could be another user! It typically isn’t on purpose or anything like that. From hopping on to the trampoline unexpectedly to tossing a pool toy, there are several ways another trampoline user may have caused the accident. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for two trampoline users to end up knocking right into each other without meaning to. Though some actions can be written off as honest mistakes, others were actions that they should have known not to do and thus are liable for the injury.

However, if this trampoline user was young in age, it may fall back on the person ‘supervising’ them since children aren’t expected to know any better, but should have an adult keeping an eye out. So if you have multiple children running and hopping about, try to pay a little extra attention to what they are doing and remind them of things they should not be doing on the trampoline.