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Who Can Be Held Responsible For Injuries Sustained In An Accident?

Florida roads can be dangerous, just like the roads throughout the country. The simple fact is that sometimes accidents will occur, and there's no way to avoid them. Recovering from an accident can be difficult. The combination of physical injury, mental and emotional damage, and financial hardships can make it very difficult to heal properly. While a doctor can help with the physical injuries, only a good personal injury lawyer can help you ease the financial strain of an accident.

By turning to a lawyer to handle your case, you'll make it easier to focus on your physical recover instead of on the stress of paying for those medical bills. They'll do the hard work for you and help you find out more about what steps you can take. And they'll also help you get a fair amount in any settlement offer.

However, one thing that often surprises those injured in an accident is that while the other party directly involved in the accident can be held liable, a lot of other people and entities could be held responsible as well. It's important to learn more about who might be responsible in order to ensure that you're able to get a settlement amount that is truly fair.

Here are some examples of who might be held responsible for an accident, and who your lawyer may suggest seeking compensation from.

  • Other Driver – This is the most obvious one. If it's shown that the driver of another vehicle acted in a way that was negligent or reckless and thus caused your accident, they'll be one of the main people to seek compensation from.

  • Trucking Company – If you're involved in an accident involving a trucker, there is a chance that the trucking company they drive for will be held liable as well. The reason is that trucking companies must maintain strict compliance regulations. Failing to do things like require their drivers to keep a log of their hours or run random drug screenings could mean that they're held responsible as well.

  • Road Engineers – The engineer firm that designed a road could be held responsible if it can be proven that their design is inherently dangerous and places undue risks upon those operating a motor vehicle on the road involved in the accident. A curve that is too sharp or a low spot that collects excessive water are two examples of this.

  • Governments – If a problem with the road does exist, it's the responsibility of the local or state government to take steps to correct it or to at least place warning signs about the danger. If they fail to do so, they could run the risk of being held liable for injuries.

  • Auto Manufacturers – An auto recall is serious business, and faulty parts have led to countless injuries and deaths over the years. This is why an auto manufacturer could be held responsible for your injuries – an issue with the way their vehicles are made is their responsibility.

Off the roads, people like property managers or business owners can be held liable for injuries sustained on their property if it's proven that they're negligent or reckless. Things like ignoring safety issues or failing to post warnings in hazardous areas can lead to a lawsuit as well.

Your attorney will review the specifics of your case with you and determine not only whether or not you have the right to seek compensation, but also just who should be held responsible. This way, you'll be able to get exactly the financial compensation that you're owed. There could be more people responsible for your injuries than you realize.