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When Should You Claim Workers’ Compensation? Here Are Some Examples

Workers’ compensation refers to a type of insurance that aims to protect employees against possible huge expenses due to injuries incurred while working. It provides medical benefits and wage replacement. 

North Port follows Florida state laws. That means workers’ compensation is a requirement for businesses.

There are many types of workers’ compensation claims. While there are simple cases, others are a bit more complicated. Here are some examples to help you see when you can file a claim:

• Slip and Fall – There are many possible causes for slip and falls. It can be due to building code violations, defective materials, physical obstacles or debris, poor materials, recently cleaned floors and spills. Not all accidents can cause serious injuries. However, there are those that could lead to severe harm like broken bones, damaged hips, damaged legs, or spinal cord injuries. Some may even cause permanent disability or loss of bodily function. 
• Exposure to harmful substances – Employees who get exposed to toxic substances, such as harmful airborne particulates, chemicals, fogs, gases, and sprays, may file a claim. This is often the case if the employer failed to issue proper personal protective equipment (PPE). It can be a one-time accidental exposure or high exposure over a long period.
• Injuries caused by handling certain materials – Material handling can sometimes cause work-related accidents. The injury may vary. You may suffer from broken bones, contusions, cuts, inflammation, muscle strain, or sprains. For instance, you may get back or spinal cord injuries due to the lifting of heavy items. Some are hit by a falling object. Others get injured due to the improper handling of a dangerous thing. 
• Machinery or Equipment Accidents – These can happen almost anywhere. A piece of equipment can amputate, damage fingers, hands, or feet, or crush a worker. These dangers may happen, especially in construction, factories, and heavy industry. Employers are required to install safety equipment and educate their workers about the dangers of the machinery used by the company. However, some continue to neglect the standards and fail to meet them.
• Workplace violence – Many workers suffer from workplace violence. In fact, approximately 20,870 workers in the private industry have experienced trauma due to nonfatal workplace violence in 2019. These include different forms of violence.
• Injuries due to repetitive motion – Many workers develop an illness or injury because of repetitive motions. Depending on what type the motion is, injuries can be serious. A common example is carpal tunnel syndrome. However, proving this can be difficult.
• Occupational diseases – There are various diseases a worker may acquire or develop due to their occupation. Some examples include allergic reactions, asbestosis, asthma, cancer, and hearing loss. These may also be hard to prove since it often takes years before the condition manifests itself. 

Get Help from Professionals

Getting workers’ compensation is the right of employers. However, filing a claim can be overwhelming. In some cases, it can be challenging. Additionally, some employers may decline claims. That is why it is important to get help from the right people.

If you are looking for an experienced team to help with your cases, then All Injuries Law Firm is right for you. Our team will assist you and ensure you get proper compensation. 

So, if you or a loved one have been injured while on the job, make sure you report it immediately. Aside from that, you have to make sure you are properly represented. Contact All Injuries Law Firm to find out more.

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