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When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong

Plastic surgery can be great. It can change something or fix something, making you feel better or function better. There are a lot of reasons why someone might want or need plastic surgery. But what happens when the procedure goes wrong? Let’s take a look at some of the common side effects that could happen after a cosmetic procedure.

You Don’t Like The Results

You had everything all planned out as to how the procedure would go, and when it is over and finished, you have a completely different result. What happens then? If the procedure went just as it should with no hitches, chances are that filing a suit will not hold up in court. You could talk with your doctor about if a follow up procedure might get you closer to your desired results, or if anything else can be done.

A Reaction To Anesthesia

Any time you go under anesthesia, there is always a chance that your body will react poorly. The surgery is one risk, but just going under anesthesia can be a whole separate problem. If you have an allergy to any type of medications, be sure to disclose that to your doctor. They need to be well informed in case something happens while you are out. You won’t be able to tell them about your allergies and something worse may occur. People have gone in for simple procedures and never come back our because of a bad reaction to the anesthesia. Be sure you are aware of all the risks before going under.

A Bad Reaction To The Procedure

Sometimes your body will react poorly to the procedure itself. Infections can occur, your body can reject implants, or there might be painful swelling. Any of these are always possible with surgery. You can also have a blood clot or blood that collects under the surface of your skin, leading to marks or discolored spots. A bad reaction is probably not what you are looking for when you signed up.


Infections can cause serious damage. They can cause you to need more procedures, extra cosmetic work, antibiotics and worse. If the wound is not treated correctly, all sorts of bad things can start to happen. Infections can even be fatal. Just because you are properly treating your wound, it doesn’t mean that bacteria can’t get into the open cut. Washing your hands frequently is a great way to protect yourself.


Sometimes, a huge scar can develop unexpectedly after a procedure. It can be completely disfiguring or cause you to have reduced functions in your life. Scars can also be ust cosmetic and possibly fixed with another procedure. They are always a possible side effect when it comes to surgery.

If your plastic surgery procedure has gone wrong, it might be time to look into legal counsel. All Injury Law Firm can help you to get your case taken care of. If you’ve lost a loved one to a cosmetic procedure, we can help you get the coverage you need and the compensation you deserve. If you have received life-altering scaring, you may be entitled to collect for you lost wages. Let us help you with your case by calling us today.