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When Is The Right Time To Hire A Lawyer After An Accident?

There can be a lot of chaos and confusion after an accident. It’s never something you plan, after all, and both you and several other people may be seriously injured and have to deal with significant property damage. Then again, maybe someone rammed into your parked car and very courteously handed over their insurance information before leaving.

You don’t always need a personal injury lawyer to handle your case after a car accident or some other form of personal injury, and it’s true enough that hiring one means you won’t get the full value of your claim or settlement. However, a partial settlement negotiated with a professional lawyer can often be much bigger than a full settlement negotiated without one. If you run into any of the following issues or conditions, you should see a personal injury lawyer for at least an initial consultation.

There Are Many Parties Involved

If an accident involves just you and one other person, it usually isn’t that hard to figure out who’s responsible and which person’s insurance should pay for what. However, an accident involving three, four, or a dozen active participants can get confusing very quickly, especially since every person has a unique perspective of the events and probably didn’t see everything that was going on. A lawyer can collect statements and evidence from everyone to support your side of the story, and he or she can represent all the injured parties during negotiations or possibly in a class-action lawsuit.

The Claims Adjuster Wants A Recorded Statement

Insurance companies’ claims adjusters want to settle your claim for the lowest amount possible. After all, insurance is a for-profit industry and every claim comes out of that profit. Claims adjusters can use any recorded statement you make against you, like if you say “I wasn’t hurt” the day after an accident only for a migraine headache to begin throbbing the next day. Traumatic brain injuries can be tricky like that.

A personal injury lawyer can tell you how to respond to questions from an adjuster to avoid damaging your claim. In fact, you could get this advice for free by discussing your case during a free initial consultation. If your case is serious and your claim is large, you may want a lawyer to be present when you make your statement, but otherwise some basic advice might be all you need.

Your Claim Was Denied Or Too Low

If the insurance company has processed your claim and either gave you a much lower number than you wanted or denied you outright, it’s not too late to make your argument or bring in a personal injury lawyer. You have a right to file a lawsuit if the insurance company or the responsible party treats you unfairly, and a professional attorney is essential for processing the paperwork, negotiating on your behalf, and representing you in court.

Your Financial Needs Are Complicated

The most obvious costs of an accident come from replacing or repairing property damage and paying back medical bills. However, those aren’t the only costs that might come up depending on your situation. You may need compensation for lost work hours after a hospitalization, for payments to professional caregivers who need to look after someone you can’t while you’re recovering, or for lost profits following damage to some essential property. A personal injury lawyer can help you figure out the exact amount to ask for.

A Long Time Has Passed

Sometimes people don’t realize that they can claim compensation for a personal injury until long after the fact, and other times a claim can take months or even years to process thanks to the nature of the initial event. Then there are times when you don’t realize your problems are someone else’s fault, like when pollution affects your tap water or you find out asbestos insulation has given you cancer. A lawyer can let you know how the statute of limitations work in your state and tell you your options.

At the All Injuries Law Firm, we help clients throughout southwest Florida, from Sarasota down to Port Charlotte and Fort Myers. We offer free initial case reviews to any potential client with questions, and we can bring your case to court if that’s what it takes to get fair compensation. If you meet any of the conditions on this list, contact us right away.