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What’s The Point Of A Social Security Lawyer?

At the All Injuries Law Firm, one of our major practice areas is Social Security Disability. You may wonder whether Social Security really demands a legal expert, especially if you’re only familiar with it as an income for senior citizens. It’s true enough that most Americans won’t need a lawyer to prove their age and get their benefits from the program, but there’s also a Social Security Disability program and it can be very helpful to have a legal representative take you through the application process.

What Social Security Disability Is

Social Security, in general, is a federal program that gives retirees a source of income. How much it pays out depends on how much you contribute, but in general it helps senior citizens live comfortably without having to rely on their children or other family members. Social Security Disability (SSD) is for a different kind of retiree: someone who can no longer work for a living because of a serious disability, whether it’s because of an accident or because of a progressive disease.

However, the disability has to be very serious to qualify for SSD. After all, there are a lot of ways you can work and be productive without having to exert yourself or stand up for eight hours. Because of this, and because you can qualify for SSD decades before you’d qualify for Social Security, the government tends to be very strict about what disabilities qualify and who can get SSD benefits. The process is very technical and very bureaucratic, which is why many people who qualify for SSD benefits fail to get them the first time around.

How Legal Assistance Helps

Because qualifying for SSD is such a technical process, having someone on your side who knows all the right details can be a big help. A good Social Security Disabilities lawyer will know which of the SSD’s listed disabilities you qualify for, what to write for things like “alleged onset date” when the exact time isn’t clear, and what to ask for in a doctor’s note. If your first application gets rejected, an SSD lawyer can also represent you and help you through the appeals process.

When You Should Call For Legal Help

The sooner you get in touch with a Social Security Disability lawyer, the better off you’ll be. Applying for SSD benefits is very complicated and specific, after all, and so it helps to consult with someone who’s helped other get through the same legal hoops. Not only that, but if you can write out the perfect application with all the right information the first time around, you’re much less likely to go through the appeals process. That means you’ll get your benefits faster and with much less hassle.

If you think you qualify for Social Security Disability assistance thanks to a permanent disability and you live in southwestern Florida, you should contact the All Injuries Law Firm. Our SSD legal experts will let you know if you qualify, how to prove it if you do, and how to get through all the bureaucracy surrounding the benefits as quickly and effectively as possible. We’ll make sure you have the best chance of making it through the process you can get.