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What’s The Difference Between Social Security & Workers Compensation?

All Injuries Law Firm is a legal practice that has workers comp lawyers as well as lawyers experienced in social security. In both cases, our goal is the same; to make sure that people who are entitled to either workers comp or social security actually get the financial security they need and deserve in order to continue living their lives despite an injury.

But some people may have some specific questions about these two different types of financial compensation. After all, if workers comp is money you receive from being injured, and social security is also money that is given after someone is injured then what, exactly, is the difference between the two? Is it possible to get both?
Let’s look into the similarities and differences between these two systems.

Straight From Your Employer

Workers compensation, as the name alone should imply, is something that is given to workers as a form finan-cial security should they become injured. The key component of workers comp is that this is money that comes from the employer, or employer’s insurance company, as a direct result of an injury that is sustained on the job.

In other words, if you, while following all regulations and safety measures are injured in an accident through no fault of your own on the job, it is the company’s responsibility to see to your financial well-being. They may also see to your financial needs permanently if the injury is so serious you can no longer work.

Government Support

Social Security, better known as social security disability insurance, or SSDI, is money that is received not from an employer, but from the US government itself. Unlike workers comp, which is only issued if a person is injured on the job, SSDI may be available if a person is injured while away from work. Being involved in an accident while at the shopping mall, for example, may qualify you for SSDI.

In the majority of cases, workers comp and SSDI are exclusive. That is to say that under normal circumstances if you are getting one, you are unlikely to qualify for the other. However, there are certain exceptions to this, and in rare instances, it is possible to receive both, it’s likely that there will be a reduction in the amounts available in order to receive both workers comp and SSDI.

Why You Need A Lawyer

The need for a social security lawyer or a workers comp lawyer comes in when, for whatever reason, either your employer or the government decides not to pay out the money you deserve for your injury. In most cases, the most common reason, especially for workers comp, is the belief that you are faking an injury in order to try to get money from your employer. Sadly, there are cases of employees exploiting workers comp by pretending to be injured, and the same holds true for SSDI.

But if your injuries are legitimate, and you’re not getting the financial aid you need, then get help. Only an experienced lawyer can quickly assess the merits of your case, and tell you what you need to do in order to get the financial support you need.