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What You Need To Know About Trucking Accidents

Florida roads are busy – among the busiest in the nation. And while safety measure have come a long way over the years, the fact is that we are still far away from being able to completely avoid accidents. Any kind of accident can cause serious injuries and leave you struggling to get back on track financially and physically - but few accidents can have the kind of impact that a trucking accident can.

It can be easy to quickly be overwhelmed when it comes to a trucking accident, and just knowing where to start isn’t always easy. With that in mind, it’s worth taking a closer look at some of the main things you need to know regarding trucking accidents and a trucking accident lawsuit. This can help you get back on track and get the kind of recovery you need.

The Big Impact Of A Trucking Accident

A trucking accident is different from a passenger vehicle accident in one big way – size. The size and speed of a truck means that it can do serious damage to a smaller vehicle and those riding inside.

That increased mass means that a trucking accident is often much more serious than accidents involving smaller passenger cars and trucks. They are more likely to cause injuries like broken bones, traumatic brain injury, spinal damage, paralysis, and even death. As such, the physical impact of an accident such as this can be huge – and so can the financial impact. The increased costs of medical care and missed work after an accident can mean that it will take much more to get back on your feet financially.

Getting What You Are Owed

Under Florida law anyone who is injured in an accident will have the right to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit if they can show that their accident was caused by the reckless or negligent actions of someone else.

Proving fault will then allow for a negotiation of a settlement, which in turn should take into account all of the costs associated with your injuries -from lost hours at work to medical bills and more.

An Additional Factor In Getting Compensation

There is another major thing to consider when it comes to filing a lawsuit and getting compensation for your injuries is the fact that a trucking company may be involved in cases where truck accidents are concerned.

When a trucking company’s drivers are involved in accidents, it is possible that they could actually be held liable for your injuries as well. This is true if it can be shown that the trucking company played a role in negligent or reckless behavior. For instance, if they forced drivers to drive hours that exceed their legal limits or fail to properly maintain a vehicle, it’s possible that seeking restitution through a lawsuit targeting the trucking company could be an option.

However, this also means that it will be harder to get what is really yours. A trucking company will have deeper pockets and a huge amount of additional resources to use to prevent you from getting what you are really owed. They’ll use lawyers to avoid giving you a dollar.

Standing Up To The Other Side

That’s why having a trucking accident attorney on your side is a must. If you have been hurt in an accident involving a truck, you’ll need to make sure that you can stand up to the other side and get you what you deserve even when being bullied around by the insurance companies. A good lawyer will do just that.