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What You Need To Know About Product Liability Claims

While the majority of Florida personal injury law focuses on things like automobile accidents or slip and fall injuries that fall under premises liability, there are more facets to personal injury law than just these basic things. A perfect example of this is product liability, and understanding more about it could help those who have been injured due to defective products get the compensation that they deserve.

However, a number of people who have been injured due to these types of accidents never even realize that they have the right to seek financial restitution for their injuries. With this in mind, we think it's well worth giving it a closer look.

What Is Product Liability Personal Injury?

The first thing you'll want to understand is simply what product liability actually is. Product liability is a type of law wherein the seller or manufacturer of a defective product is held responsible for injuries that their defective product causes. In these situations, injuries sustained because of a defect or improper design will lie with the creator or seller of a product.

Defective products can include a number of different things including:

  • Poorly manufactured products

  • Use of harmful or unsuitable materials

  • Poor instructions

  • Poor warnings regarding the product

  • And more

Essentially, and issue that could physically harm the person using the product may be considered a defective product. It's also important to understand that virtually any type of product may fall under product liability law - everything from a mixer to a infant car seat to a part of a vehicle that leads to injury. Those seemingly constant auto recalls are perfect examples of a product liability situation, as are any consumer-level recalls on products.

Proving Your Case

In product liability cases, you have to be able to prove that you've suffered injuries because of a product and that those injuries wouldn't have happened had the product been manufactured properly or had you been given adequate instruction into the use of the product.

You'll have to show:

  • That your use of the product led to injury

  • That the product was defective in some way or that you had no warning about a particular aspect of the product

  • That you were using the product as intended and as instructed

If you can show these basic things, you'll have a strong case that you may be owed compensation for your injuries. There are numerous types of product liability cases, from defective design to poor warning or instructions. Being able to identify which type of case you have and then prove your case in the court system is the key to getting the financial compensation that you're owed.

The Benefits Of An Attorney

Having an attorney on your side is the single best way to make certain that you get the kind of results from your case that you deserve. Some of the benefits of trusting in an attorney include:

  • Being able to quickly determine whether or not you are eligible to seek compensation for your injuries and what the odds of receiving a settlement are.

  • A quicker outcome to your case.

  • The chance to focus on healing and on the rest of your life instead of on the stresses of a legal case.

  • Knowledge and peace of mind that comes from knowing that your case is being handled by a professional team of experts.

In short, trusting in our legal team allows you to get the best possible outcome from your personal injury case without having to deal with the huge amounts of stress that can come from the process. You're able to move on with your life while our attorneys fight for your rights. It's a better situation for you, and one that can help you make the recovery that you need following an injury.