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What You Need To Do After A Dog Bite Accident

Dogs may have been man’s best friend for thousands of years, but that doesn’t mean that dogs are always predictable. When nervous, scared, angry, or agitated, dogs are animals and behave like them, leading to dangerous and sometimes devastating dog bites. In southwest Florida, dog bite accidents occur to individuals of all ages, and they can happen quickly. When a dog bite accident occurs, it pays to know just what to do next to ensure you’re able to receive compensation for your injuries.

The Steps Of A Dog Bite Accident

There are several steps one should take after being involved in a dog bite accident. These steps are:

• Seek medical attention – Even if a dog bite seems minor, seeking medical attention should always be your first step. A dog bite may not bleed or require stitches, but any small break in the skin may lead to a dangerous infection. If the dog is a stray or not up to date on their vaccinations, a medical team may decide to administer rabies vaccinations to ensure this deadly virus is not contracted. Seeking medical attention will also have your injuries properly assessed, and medical records created that will be necessary for obtaining a settlement.

• Exchange of information – If the bite does not require immediate emergency medical attention, it’s advised to exchange information with the dog’s owner as soon as the accident has occurred. If emergency medical attention is required, this step can wait until after injuries have been assessed. In instances of severe injury, information may be obtained by police and emergency medical personnel at the time of the accident.

• Address any witnesses – If the accident occurs in a public place, like in a park or while walking down the street, the information of any witnesses to the event should be obtained as well. These witnesses may be able to testify or make statements on your behalf if you pursue compensation for your injuries.

• Contact animal control – A report should also be filed with animal control after a dog bite incident. An investigation into the incident can provide useful and invaluable evidence in your case, and may even prevent future dog bites from happening if negligent ownership is involved.

Getting The Right Documentation

Documentation is another important part of the dog bite injury process. Injuries, medical records, written records, and photos should all be part of your documentation process, and all developments should be documented in a timely and thorough fashion. These documents should be kept with all of your accident records, and may be given to your dog bite injury attorney to ensure all details have been noted.

The amount of detailed documentation you’re able to collect will help to build a solid foundation for your case. Additionally, it will be easier for your attorney to assess the amount of compensation you’re entitled to, and to fight for that amount of compensation on your behalf. Documentation shouldn’t be considered a step to follow after a dog bite injury, but a part of each step you take on your path to a suitable settlement.

With an experienced dog bite injury lawyer on your side, you’ll have your best chance at a settlement after a dog bite. Your attorney will be able to walk you through the settlement process, the steps you need to take, and what type of settlement you can expect to receive after the process is complete. To learn more about the dog bite injuries process, contact us at today.