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What You Need To Apply For Social Security Disability

If you’ve been in an accident that has resulted in a long-term injury it might be necessary to file for social security disability. Social security disability is responsible for paying individuals who have suffered an illness or injury that will result in an inability to work for at least 1 year. With social security disability, injured individuals can rest assured that their families and costs will be taken care of while they focus on a healthy and successful recovery.

It's important to note that most first social security disability applications will be denied. Only about 20% of initial applications are approved, and approximately 60% of all social security disability applications are denied regardless of being a first filing or a subsequent appeal. When you have to get the social security payments you need it pays to have a skilled Venice personal injury lawyer on your side. Applying and being approved for social security disability can be an uphill battle, and a professional in social security disability law can help you to navigate this space successfully.

If you plan to apply for social security disability, there are a few more items you’ll need aside from the help of a social security disability lawyer. Your lawyer will be able to guide you through all of your necessary items ensuring that you’re giving yourself your best chance at an approval. Some of these items may include:

• Birth certificate
• W-2 forms or self-employment tax documentation
• An adult disability report
• Medical records, doctor’s reports, and medical bills
• Proof of workers’ compensation benefits if applicable

These documents will serve as the building block or foundation for your social security disability case. Your social security disability application will also ask a number of questions, which you should be prepared to answer alongside your personal injury lawyer. Your personal injury lawyer in the Venice area will be able to guide you through answering these questions completely, honestly, and in ways that don’t unintentionally jeopardize your case.

Why Are Social Security Disability Payments Denied?

The vast majority of first-time applications are denied, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again. Often these cases are legitimate, and approval may come with filing an appeal. A few reasons why your social security disability application might be denied are:

You’re lacking medical evidence – Even if you’ve provided medical documentation, it may not be enough to prove your need for social security disability. In denial cases like these, you may simply need to provide more information pertaining to your injury or illness case.

Prior denials – It’s important to file an appeal if you’re denied on your first application, not another application. Filing another application after being denied once will ensure you’re denied again. Your personal injury lawyer in Venice will be able to walk you through the appeals process.

You’re earning too much – Social security disability benefits are meant for those unable to work due to injury or illness. If an individual continues to work in any capacity, and earns too much, their benefits may be denied or taken away.

You don’t follow treatment advice – After an injury or illness, your medical team will provide a plan for you to follow to ensure a successful recovery. If you fail to follow this plan by failing to attend physical therapy sessions, not getting a required surgery, failing to take medication, or refusing any other medical treatment you could be denied or your benefits are taken away.

Social security disability benefits are important to those who need them, and your personal injury lawyer in the Venice area can help you to get and keep the benefits you need for your best recovery.

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