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Recall - Florida Beta RR-S Motorcycle Owners Beware Of Brake Hose Problem

With gas prices the way they are today, it's a wonder that more people aren't turning to motorcycles. It typically doesn't cost all that much to fill a bike's tank with fuel. Plus, you can ride on that gas for what feels like forever. Fuel efficiency varies between makes and models. However, research reveals that a typical motorcycle gets an estimated 56.7 miles per gallon.

Of course, some people aren't worried about gas prices. Instead, they hop on bikes because they appreciate the sense of freedom they gain from the machines. After all, there is just something about hitting the open road on a two-wheeler or trike. It really doesn't matter why you're hitting the streets on a motorcycle in Ft. Myers, though. The point is that you are.

That in itself can sometimes be dangerous. All it takes is another driver being negligent for a motorcyclist to get severely injured in a crash. So, don't be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or that could spell disaster. But what if the negligence of a driver isn't to blame? Instead, what if your bike, or rather, a defective part, causes you to crash and get hurt?

What Is Manufacturer's Liability?

A legal concept known as manufacturer's liability holds sellers and manufacturers liable for the harm their products cause.

Hence, if a defective product causes property damage and bodily injuries, you may have the grounds to seek compensation for problems. The money can help you pay for medical expenses, auto repairs, and more. Not to mention, it will cover legal costs, pain, and suffering, etc. Why are we telling you this? It has recently been brought to our attention that particular motorcycles have a loss of braking issues.

2022 RR-S Motorcycles

Presently, there are a total of 97 RR-S motorcycles in circulation that may have incorrect front brake hoses installed. The units have been brought to us by Beta USA, and the 2022 models in question include:

350 RR-S
390 RR-S
430 RR-S
500 RR-S

If the bikes contain improper brake hoses, there's a good chance that the pieces could disconnect. Then, when that happens, a loss of braking can occur. Can you even imagine? You're flying down the highway on your bike when, all of a sudden, stopping isn't in the cards. You may have to lay the motorcycle down to ensure that you don't hit a car, pedestrian, bicyclist, or something else, leaving you with road rash.

Road Rash Is The Least Of Your Worries

Sure, road rash is pretty terrible and painful. However, if that's all you walk away with after a motorcycle accident, you should probably thank your lucky stars. That's because most accident victims usually aren't so lucky. Instead, they're left with broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and things of that nature, which often have lingering and lasting effects.

Get The Compensation You're Owed

Have you recently been injured by an RR-S motorcycle's brake issue? You might be entitled to fair restitution for your damages. Just because you're entitled to compensation doesn't mean a manufacturer is simply going to hand you a fat check, though. Instead, the company will likely have a legal team to dispute your claim. That's why you'll need stellar legal representation in your corner.

Now, the question is, "Who can provide you with that?". The answer is simple, All Injuries Law Firm, of course. Contact us to schedule a free case evaluation with a personal injury attorney. They'll discuss the situation and your options with you. Then, you can decide whether to pursue compensation or not.