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What Kind Of Injuries Can You Get In A Car Accident?

There are cars, trucks, and motorcycles all over America, but Florida has environmental conditions that make traffic even more prominent. The combination of year-round warm weather and a vacation destination means that both residents and tourists are on the roads all year round.
With so much traffic on the roads, the risk of an accident increases, which means so does the possibility of an injury. Car accidents can range from no one being hurt to a tragic loss of life. These are some of the injuries that most commonly occur in car accidents.

Spinal Injuries

High-impact collisions occur with drivers and passengers seated. This can cause a lot of direct collision and shock to muscles and bone in the lower back area. A collision is, after all, a sudden deceleration from high speed. If people are not seatbelted in, that sudden stop can throw them through the windshield. If they are wearing seatbelts, then the seat belt and airbags absorb much of the impact, but they can’t nullify everything.

This means that both muscle and nerve injuries can occur in the lower spinal area. Sometimes this is something that can be recovered from, such as sprained back muscles. Other times, it may be permanent, such as paraplegia, because the nerves issuing orders to the leg muscles are too torn or too damaged to function.

Head Injuries

The head is the literal nerve center of the human body. Our eyes and ears process information about our world, while our mouth allows us to taste and ingest food. Our brains, of course, carry our identities, memories, and capacity for thought, and all of this is delicate and easily crippled in an accident of sufficient force.

Head injuries can range from bruising to permanent disabilities. Loss of sight, hearing, or even permanent mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, memory loss, or an inability to concentrate are all possible consequences of an injury to the head.

Broken Bones

Bones are designed to provide structure and rigidity to the human body. As a result, however, this also means they can tolerate force only up to a certain point, and then they fail. Vehicular collisions are one of the scenarios where, depending on the impact, anything from ribs to legs to arms to the skull itself may break.

While bones can mend, this is contingent on the severity of the bone break. A clean, simple break
may be recovered from, but a bone shattered into too many pieces may be permanent.

Neck Injuries

Perhaps the most common injury of all is the neck injury. The head is usually unrestrained during a vehicle trip, meaning that a collision causes the head to violently snap in one direction before whipping back to its original position. This is known as “whiplash.”

Whiplash can result in a muscular strain that doesn’t appear on x-rays because no bone is injured. However, it can also result in brain damage, as the brain itself may impact the skull.
If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence behind the wheel, we can help. Contact our car accident lawyers to find out how you can get the compensation you deserve.

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