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What If You're Injured In An Accident With A Negligent Truck Driver In Port Charlotte?

There are many types of accidents on Port Charlotte's roadways. For instance, sometimes, two cars collide. Meanwhile, many cars collide on other occasions in multi-car pileups. And what about pedestrian or bicycle accidents? We certainly can't forget about them. Unfortunately, it isn't uncommon for the said individuals to get struck by vehicles in the area.

However, none of those incidents are what we're here to discuss today. Instead, we need to talk about events involving tractor-trailers. These are typically some of the worst kinds of crashes. The trucks are much bigger than standard passenger vehicles. Plus, their trailers are loaded down with tons and tons of cargo. That means, you guessed it, they're much heavier than cars, trucks, and SUVs too.

As such, when big rigs strike them, it usually isn't a pretty site. Why do these collisions occur? There are different reasons why, but negligence is regularly to blame more often than not. Negligent actions come in many shapes and sizes. However, some reckless activities happen more frequently than others. They include but are not limited to:

• Speeding
• Driving under the influence
• Dozing off behind the wheel
• Distracted driving
• Improperly maintained trucks

Are You Entitled To Fair Compensation?

When Port Charlotte citizens sustain injuries in accidents because of negligence, they might have the grounds to seek compensation from the trucking company or owner-operator. However, getting their hands on that money can be easier said than done. Professionals like these tend to have legal teams standing by. Then, when issues pop up, they spring into action to dispute claims. They may even go as far as to make a victim look guilty to prevent them from obtaining a settlement.

This fate does not have to be in store for you, though. Instead, you should put a top-shelf truck accident attorney in your corner to fight on your behalf. They'll keep the wolves at bay, so to speak, and hopefully, recover the compensation you deserve.

Why Is Restitution Necessary?

Have you ever driven by a truck accident on a Port Charlotte freeway? If so, there's a good chance that if a smaller car was involved, it was mashed and mangled. Once that happens, people must have their rides repaired or replace them altogether. Whatever the case, it won't be cheap. According to research, the average price for a car was $38,378 in 2020. Of course, that price has surely increased by now, though, thanks to inflation.

As for automotive repairs, their costs vary. However, some of them can get awfully expensive. For example, if a clutch assembly is needed, that can run as much as $1,385. There are also medical expenses to consider. After all, if you get seriously hurt, medications, surgeries, and more could be required to get you back on your feet again.

Some Final Thoughts

Are you ready to take on a trucking company or truck driver for their negligence? Contact All Injuries Law Firm to schedule a free evaluation today. The meeting will allow the attorney to hear your side of the story and determine where your claim stands. Then, you'll know whether there's a legitimate chance at recovering compensation or not.

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