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What First-Time Applicants Need To Know About SSDI Application

Losing a job because of a disability does not only affect a person physically and emotionally. It can also cause financial issues. Fortunately, one can turn to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

SSDI is a program that provides monthly payments to people under 65 years old with qualifying disabilities and enough work credits. While it is extremely beneficial, it requires a person to go through an application process. For many, especially first-time applicants, the whole ordeal can be daunting. The lack of knowledge about what to do best makes it more challenging.

Here are some things first-time applicants need to know about SSDI application:

When To Apply

of the most common mistakes people do is that they wait for about 12 months from the date they become disabled before starting their SSDI application. What you need to know is that you can apply as soon as you get a disability.

But what is the significance of 12 months?

The possible cause of confusion for many is that SSDI benefits payments are only for total disability projected to last for more than 12 months. That means if you have medical documents supporting that your disability will last more than 12 months and you qualify based on the criteria, you can apply. 

What You Need

The application process requires the submission of medical documentation of the disability. However, a doctor’s note will not suffice. You have to make sure the proof of disability covers the type of injury or disease and how severe it is. Check with the Social Security Administration (SSA) if your condition qualifies.

SSDI is not available for everyone. It has criteria that will determine if a person qualifies for the benefits. One factor to consider is how long you have been working.

Funds for the SSDI are from employees’ payment of Social Security taxes. To be eligible for social security disability benefits, a person must have worked for a certain number of quarters within a particular period. So, among the information used in evaluating an application is the age of the applicant at the time they got the disability and how long they have been employed on the disability date.

Possible Denial

Hearing that your application is denied can be hard to accept. However, it is important to note that it is common. Many applicants fail during the initial interview. In such cases, you may opt to appeal. 

Once you decide to appeal, you have to be prepared. Make sure all documents are ready. Put all details relevant to your medical history and work history.

Hiring a Lawyer

Another thing first-time applicants need to know is that they do not have to take care of the whole ordeal on their own. You can hire a lawyer for assistance on any part of the process.

Other people think lawyers are not necessary for social security disability applications. However, a lawyer may be your best support in handling the situation, especially if they have experience in taking care of SSDI appeals. This way, you can be sure about what to prepare before applying. You may also ask for advice on what you can do.

If you want to learn more about SSDI applications and appeals, it may be best to work with a team that has experience in handling similar cases like All Injuries Law Firm. Service areas include various parts of Florida, such as Port Charlotte, Nort Port, Punta Gorda, Englewood, Fort Myers, and Venice. 

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