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What Can You Do After A Hit & Run?

One of the most upsetting things that can happen on the roads of Florida is for you, as a driver, to be doing everything you can to obey Florida traffic law, and then get into an accident through no fault of your own. This becomes even more upsetting if the other driver responsible for the accident doesn’t do the responsible thing, but instead drives away, hoping to avoid all the consequences of what just happened. But can they?

If someone flees the scene of a hit and run—an act that is, unfortunately, on the rise in our state—do they get away with it?Is there nothing you can do once the other driver has decided to evade responsibility, and all you can do is hope your insurance company understands? The answer is “no,” and there are a few options open to you for investigating this.

The Police

This is a given if a hit and run results in injury or, worse yet, a death. When someone is injured or dies as a result of a hit and run accident, the police will automatically divert their considerable investigative resources towards locating the driver. So if you are in an accident where someone is hurt, you’ll automatically have the support of the police.


Another important asset for tracking down a hit and run driver is other witnesses on the scene. Different people may have seen different things, such as the appearance of the driver, clothes worn, make of the car, color of the car and, if you’re very lucky, license plates. Any of these pieces of information may be held by a witness.

Conducting a door-to-door investigation if there are homes in the area is another good option. If an accident is sufficiently loud, residents will come to their windows or leave their homes to investigate the source of the disturbance. This may lead to some having witnessed key details of the accident.


When it comes to a business in the area, it may not just be eyewitnesses, but security footage itself that could prove to be a key clue. It’s not unusual for some businesses to station a security camera outside the premises in order to capture images of people approaching and leaving the area. If those cameras also happen to look on the road where the accident occurred they may have footage.

A Dashboard Camera

If you happen to be a driver with the latest in driving accessories, such as a dashboard camera, then you’ve got an important tool that may have already recorded a lot of the critical information you’ll need. If a rear or dashboard camera has recorded the accident, then details like the license plate and type of car might already be available for you to view and use in an investigation, or even evidence should that be required to submit to either the police or a car crash lawyer for your day in court if it becomes a personal injury or property damage case.