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Ways People Can Get Hurt While Visiting Stores

Things were a lot different for some people last year. Thanks to COVID-19, many folks stayed home and avoided going places. However, the vaccine rollout has things looking up in the United States. Before long, citizens may be able to visit stores in person and without the fears of getting sick and hospitalized or dying. Placing orders through online retailers will still be a thing, but more and more consumers will likely be venturing out in the months to come. 

Are you ready? Yes, we don't blame you. Being cooped up indoors has gotten old. Where will you go in Sarasota, Saks Fifth Avenue, Westfield Mall, Kohl's, or elsewhere? There are plenty of possibilities in the area, that's for sure. Hopefully, regardless of where you're going, an accident won't come to fruition. Just be careful, though, because a mishap could occur and one that leaves you seriously hurt. 

Business owners are supposed to ensure their properties are safe environments for consumers. When unsafe conditions exist, they need to give guests proper warnings. If proprietors fail in either regard, visitors that get injured may be entitled to fair compensation. Floridians who believe premises liability lawsuits are in their best interest can contact us. Our firm has over 30-years of experience representing the injured in Florida. 

We offer free case evaluations. That is only right because victims shouldn't have to go broke just to see where their claims stand. Additionally, our clients only pay if they win. It doesn't get much better than that, so please, don't hesitate to give us a call if you sustain injuries at a store. Now, let's look at some scenarios that could cause harm in these settings.

A Leaking Cooler

Have you ever been to a gas station or store that had a bin full of ice, holding beers or sodas? Those are perfect spots to get ice-cold drinks on hot days. However, if a cooler begins to leak on the floor, and the establishment does nothing to fix the problem or warn customers, a person could slip and fall in a heartbeat. Sure, laugh it up, but the truth of the matter is that these accidents aren't jokes. 

They can leave victims severely injured with broken bones, fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and more. People can lose wages by not being able to work. They can also gain tons of medical bills while recovering, that is, if they can afford treatments.

A Loose Grab Bar

Most store restrooms have grab bars. They are inside some stalls and near some sinks for people to hold onto and keep their balance. Let's say that when an employee was cleaning, they noticed an extremely loose unit. The worker notified their manager, but they got busy and never placed a call to a plumber. 

A few days later, a customer with a disability is using the toilet. He or she grips the grab bar and attempts to stand up. You know, what the devices are meant for, only this time, it rips free from the wall, and the individual falls backward where their weight causes the commode to shatter. They sustain deep lacerations on their legs and back, the kinds that shred muscles and require surgeries.

These are two scenarios that can bring premises liability lawsuits to light, but there are many more. Just know that legal representation is only a phone call away if you get hurt while visiting a store. Hold the organization accountable for negligence and obtain the compensation you deserve.

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