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Trial or Settlement When it Comes To Your Injury Case?

When you’re hurt in an accident, it can quickly throw your life into turmoil. Injuries can quickly leave you struggling to make a physical recovery, and your finances can take a server hit as well. Because of this, most will need to turn to a personal injury lawyer to file a lawsuit and get the help that they need.

If you’re hurt in an accident that was caused by the recklessness or negligence of someone else, Florida law allows you to seek financial compensation for those injuries by filing a lawsuit or an insurance claim – depending on the situation.

But when you begin filing your personal injury lawsuit, one of the first things that you’ll encounter is whether or not your case will end up going to trial or will be settled out of court. In many instances, settlements will be the preferred outcome. But, it’s important to note some factors that can play a role here.


A settlement is just what it sounds like – you and the other side agree to a sum that is awarded to you to cover your financial loss because of the accident. If you’re filing an insurance claim or even if you’re filing a personal injury lawsuit, this is where most cases will end.

But it’s important to note that in many instances, the insurance companies and legal teams on the other side will do what they can to stall, avoid paying at all, or try to pay you far less than you’re really owed. As a result, it’s vital that you get protection from a personal injury lawyer. They can review your case, get you respect, and make sure that you don’t settle for less than you really are owed.


Going to trial is a kind of ‘final’ option in most cases. The reason is that it can take far longer than simply agreeing on a settlement, and can end up costing the person at fault much more. Those hurt will end up struggling for months or even years, while at the end they may end up with a bit more in their settlement.

If your case does go to trial, it may take more effort on your part and lead to greater amounts of stress – along with taking more time for you to get your money. This is why it’s usually better for everyone involved to focus on agreeing to a fair settlement offer instead of taking the case all the way to trial.

Which Is The Right Option?

In general, a settlement is the preferred option for those hurt in an accident. The biggest reason is simple – time and energy. Instead of waiting for months or even years for a case to go to trial, you can settle out of court quickly and get the funds you need to move on.

While going to trial may net more money if punitive damages or pain and suffering are awarded, the reality is that with a good personal injury lawyer handling your case your settlement offer will be more than fair and will be enough to get your finances back on track and get you to where you should be.

Getting Respect

Simply put, it’s important for you to get the respect of the other side if you want the best outcome for your case. But this is often impossible without enlisting help from a personal injury lawyer. They’ll immediately get respect, stop the bullying and stalling tactics that the other side will use, and make sure that you get the restitution you’re really owed.

Our team can make sure you get the compensation you’re owed. Contact our team today to get your initial free consultation and learn more about your rights.