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Traumatic Brain Injuries: The Silent Accident Injury

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) are one of the most serious and deadly injuries sustained after an accident. However, because of the nature TBI, many people don’t realize they have developed an issue until it is too late. In personal injury law, that makes TBI claims extremely complicated. It is critical that anytime you injure your head after an accident you seek medical attention immediately.

Why TBI Symptoms May Not Appear Right Away

The brain is our most complex organ and even with the advances in medical science, we still don’t know everything about how it works. The brain controls everything in the body, so the symptoms and effects can impact areas all over the body. The damage can impact movement and mobility, the senses, as well as the ability to rationalize and memorize. When a TBI happens, the symptoms aren’t always apparent. That is because the damage may be progressive and take years to really impact the life of the victim. Even with a thorough diagnosis of TBI, because the brain is so complex, it is hard to see the full extent of the damage immediately.

TBI After An Accident

The leading cause of TBI is accidents. 47% of cases are caused by falls, 14% are caused by traffic accidents, and 15% are caused by being struck by an object. In a lot of these accidents, the fault was the result of another negligent party. However, often times, due to the nature of the illness, the damages are not always pursued. First of all, a victim may not know they have TBI from the accident until it is too late. Sometimes this is because the real damage of the illness appeared after they missed the deadline to file a claim. Other times it is because the symptoms weren’t severe enough in the beginning, so they settle for a claim worth less than the value of the damages. Secondly, because the symptoms can take awhile to appear, many victims don’t even know the TBI is a result of a past accident.

Protecting Yourself After An Accident

It cannot be stressed enough that after an accident involving a head injury you seek medical attention right away. You need to go to the doctor even if you aren’t showing any symptoms. Explain to the doctor that you have experienced a traumatic blow to your head and they will perform a series of diagnostic tests to determine if you have experienced TBI. This diagnosis cannot only save your life, but can help you get the costs of your injury fully covered.

TBI And Personal Injury Law

TBI can be debilitating. We have seen cases where an entire person’s life is changed. Victims who over time lost mobility and cognitive function that keeps them from working a normal job and caring for their families. They can’t enjoy their normal activities, hobbies, and in some cases, it can ruin their relationships with their families and friends. When TBI is the result of someone else’s negligence, you a right to seek compensation for all of these damages including the tangible costs like medical bills and the intangible costs like the loss of enjoyment. However, because this injury is so complex, you need to work with a really skilled attorney.

How All Injuries Law Firm Helps TBI Victims

We’ve been representing TBI victims in Florida for over 30 years. TBI is more complex than other injuries because you can’t always see the extent of the damage immediately. When we work to pursue a claim we look at the full picture. We work with medical professionals who can help us understand the long-term and lasting consequences of the injuries. We will gather all the evidence to prove these costs and will fight to make sure that you are fully compensated for all of your damages.

If you have experienced a head injury after an accident, seek medical attention immediately. Then call the attorneys at All Injuries Law Firm at 941-625-HURT for a free case evaluation. TBI is very complex and you need someone who can help you protect you now and in the future.