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Topics To Discuss With Your Port Charlotte Teen Driver

Port Charlotte teens are just like teens elsewhere, and they cannot wait to get their licenses. Once the credentials are acquired, they gain a little independence from their parents. That's because they no longer have to rely on them to drive them from place to place. Instead, the young adults are allowed to drive themselves to school, work, and more.

Did your teen begin their driving career recently? Or will they have their license soon? If you answered yes, you're probably worried about their safety and well-being. After all, if the youngster makes a mistake behind the wheel, that could result in an accident, leaving them or others severely injured. The ailments people receive in car crashes vary. However, common injuries associated with the incidents include:

• Fractures/Broken Bones
• Traumatic Brain Injuries
• Paralysis
• Burns

People also get killed in auto accidents, including those involving teen drivers. Don't merely take our word for it, though. Take a peek at this stat. According to the NHTSA, 2,276 individuals lost their lives in incidents involving teen drivers between 15 and 18 years of age in 2020. Parents have to let their children spread their wings and fly eventually, but before you decide to go that far, consider discussing the following topics with your young Port Charlotte motorist.

The hope is that this will ensure they know how dangerous certain driving behaviors really are and avoid them. Then, with any luck, accidents involving teen drivers in The Sunshine State will decrease. So, talk about these subjects with your young motorist.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving comes in many shapes and sizes. However, it is of the utmost importance for all drivers to avoid distractions and keep their attention on the road. If you believe accidents involving distracted drivers don't occur all that often, just take a peek at this stat. According to the FLHSMV, of the more than 56,000 incidents that happened across Florida in 2021, approximately 75 percent were caused by inattentive motorists.

These events regularly cause property damage and injuries. They sometimes kill people as well. The FLHSMV data reveals that 331 fatal Florida crashes were caused by distracted driving in 2021. Hence, make it a point to discuss distracted driving with the new driver in your household. Ensure they know not to text and drive, play around with friends, or do other things that will take their attention away from driving.

Drowsy Driving

Trying to get a teenager to go to bed at a decent hour can be like talking just to hear yourself speak. Yet, if your teen is going to be driving, you must try your best to enforce a bedtime. That's because according to Harvard Health, teens need an average of more than nine hours sleep nightly. When people fail to get enough sleep and get behind the wheel, it isn't uncommon for drowsy driving accidents to occur. 

This figure will show you how much of a problem drowsy driving really is. The NHTSA estimates that 91,000 police-reported accidents across the United States involved drowsy drivers in 2017. Thus, talk to your kiddo about the dangers of driving while fatigued. Then, maybe they'll think twice before operating a motor vehicle in an exhausted state.

Some Final Thoughts

Have you been injured in an accident by a teen driver in Port Charlotte, and were they negligent in some way? If so, you may have the grounds to seek compensation for your damages. Contact All Injuries Law Firm, P.A., to schedule a free case review with an accident attorney today. They'll be able to help you determine the best course of action to take. 

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