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Top 9 Worst Driving Distractions

[caption id="attachment_7232" align="alignleft" width="1024"] Close-up Of A Man's Hand Typing Text Message On Mobile Phone While Driving Car[/caption]Driving distracted endangers not only those behind the wheel, but also their passengers, pedestrians, and fellow road occupants. In fact, drivers using hand-held devices such as smartphones or iPods were four times more likely to get into a serious than those who didn’t. That is only one of the most dangerous distractions around.

1) Food and drink

In a survey, 51% of drivers admitted that their driving had been compromised at least once due to eating or drinking while behind the wheel. When we’re in a rush, it seems only natural to eat on the go especially with the ease of drive thru restaurants. As much as you might believe that you can drive and much on something at the same time, it is more distracting than you think and not worth the risk.

2) Music

Believe it or not, 61% of motorists admitted that they had been distracted while driving due to their radio, CD player, and even their iPod. This can be especially distracting if the driver was flicking through songs or switching radio stations while on the road. So as nice as it is to jam out in the car, you may want to think twice before doing so. At the very least, you shouldn’t mess with your musical device while on the road.

3) Making or taking a phone call

23% of drivers admitted that they continue to make or take phone calls while driving. Making the call alone forces you to be too focused on pressing numbers rather than driving. However, talking on the phone can be very distracting especially if the call becomes emotional or upsetting. As challenging as it may be to ignore your beeping phone, you should wait until you are safely parked to answer it or to call back.

4) Other passengers

Whether you are taking your children to school or are heading to a new restaurant with your friends, there are several ways that other passengers can distract you and keep your eyes off the road. Now we wouldn’t want to stop driving anyone else around, but try to be a little more careful not to get carried away by what others are doing. On a side note, if you’re the passenger try not to distract the driver and assist in anything they cannot do while driving.

5) Slowed down to look at an accident

This one probably sounds absurd, but it's hard not to look when there is an accident nearby. In a survey, 21% of motorists admitted to slowing down to look at an accident only to have their eyes taken off the road. If there is an accident, try to avoid getting distracted so that you don’t end up joining them.

6) Texting

If you were upset by the 23% that talk on their phones on driving, you’re probably not going to be happy to hear about 16% who text instead of focusing on the road. Texting and driving has become an increasing trend and a dangerous one at that. No text is worth answering while you are on the road.

7) Dozing off

Believe it or not, 5% of drivers have admitted to falling asleep or dozing off while behind the wheel. There has been government campaigns in order to discourage drivers from driving while tired and some places even offer cheap accommodation for a few hours to motorists that need to rest before continuing to drive.

8) Putting on makeup

When you are in a rush, it may feel like it only makes sense to put on makeup or do other tasks while on the road. However, this keeps your eyes off the road and your hands off the wheel. No matter how talented you think you are at it, please wait to get off the road to do your make up.

9) Updating social media

Whether it’s updating your Facebook status or tweeting, using social media when your eyes are supposed to be on the road is dangerous. Much like with texting, this is become more common and is terribly dangerous. That aside, nothing is more incriminating in a car accident case than a tweet like “Stuck behind a slow driver. Ughh” or “Just hit a fire hydrant! Lol”.

10) Smoking

In the past two years, one in ten crashes occurred because at least one driver was distracted due to a smoking related activity including lighting up or putting ashes in the car’s tray. Though you shouldn’t be smoking in the car for health reasons, you especially shouldn’t let it distract you while you’re on the road.