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Tie One on For Safety, And Help Stop Drunk Driving This Holiday

What is MADD and Tie One On For Safety?

All Injuries Law Firm is dedicated to protecting and compensating the victims of deadly vehicle accidents. Especially around this time of year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day when accidents are at an all-time high. That’s why we encourage people to participate with MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) an organization dedicated to preventing drunk driving-related deaths; right now they're running an event called Tie One On For Safety. The purpose of this event is to encourage non-drinkers from November 1, to December 31, to highlight their vehicle with a MADD ribbon so that it’s visible for all to see.

Beginning in 1986, Tie One on For Safety is MADD’s longest-running public awareness campaign. The name “tie one on”, is a slang term for getting intoxicated. The irony in the name is that it encourages non-drinkers to “tie one on” as a reminder to everyone else. This message is critically important at this time of year with holiday traffic, parties, and family gatherings.

Why should non-drinkers mark their vehicles during the holiday season?

All Injuries Law Firm believes in the same mission as MADD, which is to reduce injury and alleviate suffering. By encouraging all non-drinkers to designate this will affect the roads by encouraging more like-minded drivers to do the same as well as discouraging drunk driving. We encourage everyone to assist in helping to create the dream of “No More Victims” by taking personal responsibility into your own hands and make sure that you and your loved ones are all able to drive home safely

How Can You Participate in Tie One On For Safety?

  • Always Designate Non-Drinking Drivers before parties to help ensure everyone arrives home safely.
  • Ask people to donate to MADD in order to help victims who can’t be home due to accidents that occurred because of drunk driving.
  • By Far the most important thing anyone can do is to not partake in any drinking; always host parties responsibly. Help those who do drink out by providing accommodations or alternative transportation.
  • Share with your network of friends and family and remind them that you want them home safely. Ask for promises to “Tie One On For Safety” by sharing these buttons on social media.

Doing Your Part To Stop Drunk Driving

While this movement to put red ribbons in everyone’s vehicle kind of sounds weird for those who are uninitiated. Research has shown that those who have not drunken marked their vehicles creates a protective effect and prevents uncertainty furthermore if vehicles are unmarked it tells you to avoid them at all costs.

Plan Ahead. Designate A Driver. The MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) ribbon serves as an important reminder to drive safe, plan ahead, and designate a driver.

More at: - #TieOneOnForSafety

All Injuries Law Firm are dedicated to helping, protecting, and serving the victims of deadly vehicular collisions. If you or anyone you’ve known has been injured due to an automobile accident then don’t hesitate to get contact us.