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This Recent, Unfortunate Event Shows The Seriousness Of Dog Bites

Earlier this month, a 5-year old girl passed away after being attacked by the family's pit bull. The death was ruled accidental, and no charges were filled in the case. Apparently, the dog jumped on a bed to get into the child's crib where the assault took place. After getting into the room and removing the canine, a family member began performing CPR immediately. Later, once officers arrived on the scene, one of the deputies took over. The kiddo was still somewhat responsive at the time, but unfortunately, the little one was later pronounced dead.

In this case, animal control officers ceased the dog where it was later euthanized. So, as you can see, dog bites are way more severe in nature than a mere nip on the hand or scratch on the leg. Research by shows that approximately 1,000 citizens of the United States get serious dog bite injuries that require emergency care treatment each day. The same study revealed that about 9,500 victims are hospitalized for the damages annually.

Put Your Pet Away

Dog owners are almost always held liable for an attack. This is the case even if the pooch has shown or not shown vicious behavior before. Thus, it is a good idea to kennel the pet or put them in a safe location when people are coming over to visit. Failing to do so may wind up getting you entangled in a lawsuit, which most folks don't want any part of. When going for a run or play date in the park, muzzling the canine and keeping him or her on a leash can help prevent incidents as well. The events are painful and traumatic for everyone involved, including the dog. After all, on many occasions, they are attacking to protect their family members, which is what many of them are trained to do.

Florida Is A Statutory Strict Liability State

Victims of dog bites can typically receive compensation for the injuries from the animal's owner. There are several protections to property owners though. The actions may not completely diminish the amount owed, but they may reduce the percentage of liability. For example, if the person that sustained the bite acted negligently or misbehaved to provoke the attack, the owner's responsibility might become modified. Additionally, if signs are posted clearly warning people of the danger, they offer a bit of protection as well. Dog bite damages often include...

• Punctures
• Lacerations And Rips
• Torn Ligaments
• Shredded Muscles
• And Of Course, Loss Of Life

If you or a loved one have received injuries like these or others from a dog bite, give our firm a call for a consultation. Our lawyers will complete a thorough investigation to prove fault and fight with your best interests in mind. We have the experience and know-how to deal with premises liability cases. Plus, the case review is free, so you have nothing to lose. Take a peek at our results section and see what the team has achieved for some of our previous clients. Don't delay any longer. Instead, contact one of our knowledgeable, professional associates today. Service areas include...

• Arcadia, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda
Englewood, North Port, Venice
• Sarasota And Fort Myers

Why Seek Compensation?

Regardless of whether it was your friend's dog or a stranger's canine that inflicted the wound, recovering from the injury can be costly. If the trauma is significant, the victim often has to miss work for a period. The bills don't stop piling in though. So, avoid getting stuck paying for high medical charges, medicines, and other expenses, especially when you did nothing to cause the damages. Instead, get the legal help that you deserve to obtain compensation and offset these costs.