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This Is What You Need To Know About Worker’s Comp In Florida

There’s nothing worse than getting hurt at work. Job-related injuries can be stressful when they cause you pain and have a negative effect on your budget. Though worker’s compensation is supposed to protect and support you in times like this, sometimes it’s a complicated process that can leave you with more pain than you bargained for.

Here’s What You May Not Know--But You Should

It’s an antiquated program. Worker’s compensation has been around for many years. Florida adopted its worker’s compensation program in 1935. It states that all full-time employees who work in a company that employs four or more people must be offered worker’s compensation coverage. This does not include construction companies.

You must report your injury as soon as possible. You should always report your injury to your employer. You typically have 30 days to make a report, but the longer you wait, the more it could hurt your case down the road. Some people neglect to report a work accident because they feel that their employer will get “angry” with them; others fail to report because they underestimate the seriousness of the injury. From a cut on your finger to a sprain to your ankle, the sooner you file a report, the better.

They choose your doctor. In Florida, you do not have the right to choose your own doctor for treatment. This law changed in 2003. Once you have been injured, your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance provider will make that choice for you. The doctor they choose, however, must be qualified, educated, and trained to treat your specific injuries. For example, they cannot send you to a podiatrist for a rotator cuff tear.

Cause of injury does not matter. Worker’s compensation is a no-fault system in Florida. Even if you are the one who caused your own injury, you are entitled to the benefits. And even though fault is not an issue, employers have a duty to see that the workplace is safe and free from conditions that can cause injuries.

You cannot be fired for filing a claim. You might be out of work for a while due to your injury, but your employer cannot terminate you for filing a worker’s comp claim. If you believe that your employer terminated you, for this reason, contact a lawyer who specializes in worker’s compensation rights immediately.

Don’t Let The Difficulty Hurt You

Some workplace injuries can disrupt your life. You might need to seek legal advice to ensure that you are getting fair compensation for the depths of your injuries. Many insurance companies will try to pay out as little as possible, leaving you in a financial bind. If handling a worker’s compensation claim on your own is too difficult, don’t hesitate to acquire legal representation to walk you through the process. It helps to have someone who knows the laws and how to get through the system without causing you even more pain and suffering.