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Things To Know About Pedestrian Accidents In Florida

People go for walks all across the country. They utilize their feet to travel to work, school, and countless other places. Even right here in Florida, more and more folks are changing their lifestyles and walking from here to there. Who can blame them? Gas prices are high, and filling up can cause anyone to cringe. Then again, green movements are everywhere, and a lot of people are choosing to walk to do their part for the environment.

Plus, Sunshine State residents usually have exceptional weather year-round. As such, they can go for a jog, brisk walk, or run to exercise and stay in shape. Not to mention, the area is a tourist hot spot. That means people are out and about at all times of the day and night. They are walking to amusement parks, beaches, and more. Of course, there are also plenty of cars on the roadways. A report from Statista says that 7,407,238 licensed male drivers and 7,669,120 female drivers in Florida as of 2017.

As such, pedestrians and motorists have to remain aware of their surroundings. If they fail to do so, accidents are sure to occur. These incidents happen quite often, and more so than people might believe. According to Florida's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were 9,420 pedestrians in 2017 alone. Those collisions resulted in 8,126 injuries and 659 fatalities.

Issues That Can Lead To Car/Pedestrian Accidents

Numerous negligent driver acts can contribute to these types of crashes. For instance, if an operator fails to yield the right away, runs a red light, or jumps a curb, catastrophe could strike. Additionally, speeding, drunk driving, or talking/texting can produce the same result. Other careless actions that might offer a similar outcome are eating, applying makeup, and paying too much attention to the vehicle’s sound system.

Problems That Can Arise Because Of Wrongful Death

When a loved one passes away in one of these unfortunate events, family members often face financial difficulties. Why? Well, not everyone has life insurance, and a spouse, children, or someone else have to come up with funds to pay for funeral expenses in a moment's notice. The amount is not something that can just be found under couch cushions. Rather, according to, an average traditional funeral in North America runs anywhere between $7,000 and $10,000. Also, in these cases, families are regularly left having to pay for the deceased party's medical expenses, ambulance rides, and more.

Dilemmas Associated With Injuries From Pedestrian Crashes

Pedestrians can get thrown into the air, hit their heads hard on the pavement, or even land on top of the vehicle that slammed into them. They could likely need surgeries, prescriptions, and physical therapy. The male or female will probably miss a substantial amount of time from work while recovering too. In turn, they won't have funds to pay for their necessary care or any other expenses in general. Thankfully, there is something folks can do, though. Hence, curious parties should read further to learn more.

Seek Compensation For The Damages Via A Personal Injury Lawyer

Floridians may be entitled to a fair amount of compensation if they have experienced any of the scenarios mentioned above. They should consider putting a proven firm in their corner to fight for the settlement that they deserve. Our team is ready, willing, and able to exceed your expectations with friendly, trustworthy, and professional service. So, don't delay any longer. Instead, contact our office for a free case review to discover where your claim stands today.