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Things To Do Immediately After Being Involved In Car Crash

Being involved in a car crash can leave you feeling disoriented and alone. It is a confusing time and if you have sustained injuries, that only adds to these feelings of desperation. For drivers that have never experienced this situation first hand, this list of things to do immediately after a car crash can help you through the process.

The health and safety of you and any other passengers, or drivers involved should always be the top concern of everyone. Vehicles are only material items that can be replaced, but life is irreplaceable. Attempt to make contact with other passengers in your vehicle, if any are present. Having them sound off one by one, is an effective method to make sure that everyone is conscious. Once this is done, you can proceed with other matters.

Do These Things If You Are Involved In A Car Crash

Regardless of who is at fault, it is always important to remain calm. Being flustered goes along with the territory, but treating other drivers with courtesy and respect can go a long way. Yes, your vehicle does have a ding or dent, but as long as no one is hurt, this is only superficial damage to your car that can be repaired.

If your vehicle is still operational, and you are not hurt, attempt to drive your vehicle to a safe location. Discuss this with the other driver because leaving immediately may be taken as a sign of a hit-and-run accident. Moving the vehicles reduces the risk of other parties becoming involved in the accident. It also gets you and everyone else out of harm's way. You have experienced enough pain for a lifetime, and staying in a dangerous location poses a serious threat to you.

It is always a good idea to contact the police department. The paperwork can be helpful when filing a claim with the insurance company. It is important to cooperate fully but not to admit fault. The officer will be able to determine who is at fault upon reviewing evidence and interviewing witnesses. Always make sure that they have your correct contact information, and write down the badge numbers and names of all responding officers. This will ensure that there are no mishaps in communication.

In our modern technological era, it seems as if our cell phones are attached to our hand. If it is safe, take pictures of the damage to your vehicle, as well as the other involved vehicle. If there are any other items that are pertinent to an investigation, you may want to consider snapping a few of them as well. This can be anything from tire skid marks to debris on the road, but pictures should only be taken of these items if there is a discrepancy over who is at fault.

Consider contacting a car crash lawyer if the insurance company is not fulfilling their duties. If you have full coverage insurance, or if you were not deemed at fault, a lawyer can help things move along more quickly. Getting better should be your only concern, not having to worry about bills piling up or loss of work. Some doctors, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities will wait until after a settlement is reached before they bill you, which can be extremely helpful in these times of monetary difficulties. We can reduce your stress by tackling the legal aspects of your case and our office can be contacted for a free case review.