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There Is Still Plenty Of Time To Go For A Spin On Your Motorcycle Before Chilly Temps Set In

Some people don't care whether the temperature outside is frigid or warm. They will take their bike out for a spin regardless. However, other folks tend only to go riding during the summer months. These motorcyclists do not want to feel the cold air on their skin. Additionally, they don't want to contend with stormy conditions in the wintertime either. Thankfully, Florida doesn't tend to have extremely harsh winters with ice and snow.

Therefore, persons can just about ride year-round. Perhaps, there isn't a better time than now to get on your hog and hit the open road though. There are regular events and functions planned across the state. So, don't hesitate to attend one while you are gaining your sense of freedom. Whatever your reason is for getting out and about on two wheels, be sure to watch your back as dangers could be lurking around any curve or corner. 

Stats To Back Up This Claim

According to Florida's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were 9,707 motorcycle crashes in 2017 alone. Those incidents resulted in 515 fatalities. It is easy to see why as these vehicles don't have walls or a roof to protect the operator or passenger. Plus, there are no seat belts to keep them on the unit. 

As such, it is not uncommon for the riders to be sent flying through the air when a car collides with the bike. Sometimes, they land on the pavement hard or land on top of the auto that hit them. Then again, there is always the chance of a motorcyclist getting thrown into the windshield and becoming stuck with shards of glass poking them in the back, stomach, and sides. 

Death is not always the outcome of every wreck though. The same FLHSMV report states that 7,725 injuries occurred from motorcycle accidents in 2017 too. No two incidents are the same, which means wounds will vary from one situation to the next. However, some common damages that may present themselves after a motorcycle/car crash include but are not limited to...

• Road Rash
• Loss Of Limbs
• Fractures And Broken Bones
• Organ Damage With Internal Bleeding
• Traumatic Brain Injury

Recovery Can Prove To Be Quite Costly

Motorcyclists who sustain minor injuries may only need a cast or a few stitches to mend their wounds. Unfortunately, the ailments are typically much more severe though. In turn, the operator, passenger, or both wind up needing surgeries, regular medical checkups, prescriptions, physical therapy, and more. These things can add up quickly, and considering the persons are probably not working, they don't have any money coming in to pay for the bills.

Southwest Florida residents should not fret if they find themselves in such a predicament. Persons don't have to accept this fate when the injuries were no fault of their own. Instead, they can contact a motorcycle accident attorney to fight on their behalf and recover compensation. Our firm offers free case reviews, so that is one worry you can take off your plate. Also, clients only pay for the services if compensation is awarded. So, contact the office today to get the representation that you deserve. 

Don't be alarmed if you have a different kind of issue. Our attorneys handle other matters too, such as trucking and auto accidents, wrongful death suits, social security disability claims, and more. The entire staff will be more than happy to assist you through this trying time.