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The Six Most Common Workers Compensation Injuries

Most of the time when people think about worker’s compensation, they think only about severe onsite injuries, usually in jobs that are very physically demanding. However, people who work in all fields and in a range of business activities can incur serious injuries. So if you are suffering from an injury that may be work related you should talk to a personal injury attorney. You might be surprised what kinds of injuries are eligible for worker’s compensation. Here are the six most common worker’s compensation injuries:


Overexertion is when a person strains or pulls a muscle or joint, or even slips a disc from overextending to lift, pull, push, or turn an item. Though these are most common in workplaces that require a lot of physical labor like on construction sites, at factories, or in medical, they can happen anywhere. Overexertion can happen in an office from moving files or at a restaurant carrying a tray of food. If you experience an injury from overexertion on the job, you are eligible for worker’s compensation.

Slip, Trip, And Falls:

Slip or trip and falls can happen on any surface. An employee can slip on a wet surface indoors or trip on a loose carpet, or they can slip in the rain outside. Slip, trip, and falls can cause numerous injuries from sprains, to breaks, to even traumatic brain injury. They can also can bodily reaction injuries which occur when a person falling tries to stop the fall and sprains an ankle or break your wrist from the impact. Slip or trip and falls are considered a worker’s compensation if it happens during a work task or within the workplace.

Repetitive Strain Injury:

Repetitive strain injuries are injuries that occur from doing the same motion over and over again. Injuries like carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and bursitis can all occur from workplace tasks. These are more difficult to prove for worker’s compensation because these conditions develop over years, however if you report the symptoms as soon as they begin and can connect them to a required workplace task, then you can make a legitimate case for worker’s compensation.

Struck By Or Against An Object:

Struck by an object is when something falls onto an employee. Struck against an object is when an employee falls into something. These injuries can occur at any workplace. In offices and retail stores objects can fall from shelves, while in factories and on construction sites, machinery or tools can fall. There are an array of injuries that can happen as a result of struck by or against an object, in extreme cases even wrongful death. So they are incredibly common worker’s compensation claims.

Highway Accident Injuries:

Highway accidents usually most impact people who drive for a living like delivery drivers, semi-truck drivers, and police officers, though anyone driving for work tasks can file a highway accident claim. So if you are driving on the clock to run errands or are traveling to visit a client and you get into an accident, your injuries can be filed as worker’s compensation claims because they happened during your work responsibilities.

Machinery Accident Injuries:

Machinery accident injuries are the result of faulty machinery or misuse leading to an injury. Machinery accidents are most common on construction sites and in factories, but can also happen in office setting from copiers or paper shredders. They can also happen in restaurants from machinery causing burns or scalds. So if you are injured using a machine for your work or at your workplace, you could have a claim for worker’s compensation.

Worker’s compensation covers a variety of injuries in every type of industry. So if you are hurt on the job or as a result of doing your work, you are eligible for a worker’s compensation claim. If you have filed a claim and have been denied or have received an unfair settlement offer contact the lawyers at All Injuries Law Firm today. With 30 years of experience handling worker’s compensation claims we can help ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your workplace injury. So call today for a free consultation!