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The Six Most Common Types Of Florida Construction Site Accidents

Construction jobs are physically intense and often dangerous. Construction accidents can lead to serious injury, long term chronic illness, and even fatality. In fact, one in ten construction workers are injured on site every year. With a large construction industry, Florida has the second highest rate of construction worker fatalities in the United States. Unfortunately, construction site injuries can lead to expensive medical bills, unemployment, and even financial ruin. Here are the six most common types of construction injuries in Florida:


According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falling accounts for 57% of all injuries on construction sites. A falling injury can result from falling off scaffolding and ladders, through roofs and windows, or off machinery. Falling can cause broken bones, head injuries, and even fatalities. In fact, 36% of all falling victims on construction site are killed.

Trip Or Slip And Falls:

Trip and falls are when someone trips over something and incurs an injury from falling. Trips often happens on worksites when an worker will trip over wires, loose tools, and uneven ground. Slip and falls are when someone slips on something on the ground and falls. Slip and falls usually happen on construction sites during rainy weather, spilled liquids, and muddy shoes. Trip or slip and falls are the most common injury on construction sites.

Struck By Object:

Struck by object is an injury that occurs when someone is hit by an object. On construction sites, between machinery, tools, and materials, objects are in constant motion, so struck by accidents commonly happen when an object is flying, falling, swinging, or rolling and hit a worker. Struck by object injuries can result in brain injury, broken bones, and are responsible for 10% of all construction site fatalities.


Electrocution happens when a worker is exposed to an electrical hazard and gets electrocuted. According to OSHA the most common electrical hazards on construction sites are exposed electrical parts, improper grounding, overloaded circuits, and damaged tools. Electrocution injuries result in burns, damage to internal organs, and severe brain injury. Also 9% of all construction site fatalities are the result of an electrocution.

Caught In Or Between Hazardous Objects:

Caught in or between injuries are the result of objects crushing a person. OSHA notes the most common caught in or between injuries are cave-ins, caught in machinery, strangulation from equipment, and being crushed between moving objects. Caught in or between hazardous objects often resulted in 23% of all construction site accidents and 2% of all fatalities. The most common injuries were fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and suffocation.

Repetitive Stress Injury:

Repetitive stress injuries are the result of doing the same physical task over and over again. Repetitive stress injuries range from carpal tunnel, to back issues, to even the loss of hearing. These injuries are not as severe as some of the other common injuries, but they create long term problems for workers. Repetitive stress injuries can lead to expensive long term hospital bills but also unemployment because they prevent people from doing their job.

All of these injuries qualify for worker’s compensation. Also any fatality from the worksite may be eligible for a wrongful death case. So if you or a loved one has faced any of these common injuries on a construction site, you are owed worker’s compensation. So if you have filed a claim and you have been denied or your have been offered a settlement that will not cover all your expenses, you need to hire a personal injury attorney immediately. Our attorneys at All Injuries Law Firm have 30 years combined experience fighting for fair settlements in worker’s compensation claims and can help ensure that if you are injured on the job, you get the financial compensation you deserve. So call us today for a free consultation to find out how we can help you!