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The Problem With Pesticides

Though pesticides are designed to kill bugs and rodents, their mode of action is not specific to one species including humans. The World Organization estimates that there are 3 million cases of pesticide poisoning each year and around 220,00 deaths as a result. With those kinds of numbers, it is scary to know just how dangerous these chemicals really are.

What Are Pesticides?

Pesticides are the only toxic substances that we purposely released into our environment in order to kill living things. These substances are used to kill weeds, insects, fungus, rodents, and others.

Using these toxic pesticides to manage pest problems has become quite a common practice around the world and is used almost everywhere. Though agricultural fields use a large amount of the world's pesticides, pesticides can be found in homes, parks, schools, buildings, forests, and roads. In fact, it would be more challenging to find somewhere that doesn’t have or use pesticides. From a can of bug spray under the kitchen skin to the crop dusting of the farm land, our world is simply filled with them.

Pesticides And Its Effect On Human Health

There has been a wide range of human health hazards have been linked to the use of pesticides which can include headaches, nausea, and cancer.

Chronic health effects may occur years after even the most minimal exposure to pesticides in the environment or from pesticide residues which we ingest through our food and water. Children are particularly susceptible to the hazards associated with pesticide use due to their brains not being fully formed yet. In February 2009, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry had published a study that found that children who lived in homes where their parents use pesticides are twice more likely to develop brain cancer than those in homes without any.

Pesticides And Legal Liability

The majority of lawsuits involve pesticides focus on the defendant’s negligence. Negligence is a legal principle that holds a person legally and financially responsible when someone’s carelessness causes harm to another person. The person injured needs to be able to show that it was the defendant’s duty to provide them with reasonable care and better protect them from the pesticides. For example, a manufacturer may be liable for negligence by selling a pesticide without testing its effects on people.

However, being able to prove that another person’s negligence is what caused your pesticide related injury may be more challenging than you think. In fact, just trying to prove that your illness or injury is due to the exposure of pesticides is difficult as well.

The law is a complicated thing which is why you shouldn’t go through your case alone. With the help of a personal injury lawyer, you can have an increased chance of success with your case. Personal injury lawyers know how these types of claims work better than anyone else and will make sure you don’t end up making mistakes that could cost you the case.

If you are in the southwest area of Florida and believe that your illness or injury may have been caused by someone else’s neglect, don’t hesitate to contact All Injuries Law Firm for your free consultation. We are dedicated to getting you the financial compensation you need to recover.