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The Five Key Differences Between Car And Semi-Truck Accidents

Understanding these differences is critical in protecting your rights. That is why it is so important that when you are in an accident with a semi-truck, that you work with a personal injury attorney that specializes in trucking accidents. Here are the five key differences between car and semi-trucks that highlight the importance of this expertise:

The Severity Of Your Injuries Varies Greatly

Just by looking at a semi-truck, it’s obvious they will cause far more damage than a car. They are typically 30x heavier than a car. Add the velocity of highway speeds and the impact can be massive. In most cases, trucking accidents cause fatalities. However, in cases where the driver survives, it is rarely they have no suffered severe, debilitating injuries. Most trucking accident victims deal with the pain, trauma, and financial costs of these injuries for the rest of their lives.

The Causes Of The Accident Are Very Different

In most car accidents, the primary cause is the driver. They were distracted, disobeying traffic laws, or intoxicated. However, a truck accident can be caused by the driver, but that isn’t the only cause. Some trucking accidents are caused by equipment malfunctions. Others caused by overload trailers. Some are even caused by improper safety inspections.

The Complexities Of The Accident Make Them Difficult To Assess

With so many variables that can cause a trucking, it can be very difficult to determine the cause of the accident. Add to this, truck drivers follow a different set of laws than car drivers. They are also regulated by different enforcement agencies. That’s not even where the complexities stop. The truck driver may be from a different state. The trucking company may also be in a different state than the driver is from. So many claims cross multiple state borders.

The Number Of Parties Involved Are Not What You Expect

In an accident between two cars, the drivers and any passengers are the only people involved. However, because trucking accidents can be caused by so many factors, there can be a multitude of liable parties. Possible liable parties include the driver, the trucking company, the company that hired the truck, the loading company, the truck manufacturer, the trailer manufacturer, the mechanics that repair the truck, the mechanics that inspect the truck, and so on. With so many people involved, it is quite a legal challenge for the inexperienced attorney.

How Compensation Is Obtained Takes More Legal Skill

As a result of the high costs associated with the injuries, the multitude of causes of trucking accidents, and the various liable parties that could be located anywhere, it takes a high degree of legal expertise to tackle a truck accident. In order to ensure you get compensation, you need an attorney that does not only specialize in trucking accidents, but has years of legal experience representing trucking accident victims. This level of legal skill is critical to get full and fair compensation after a trucking accident.

At All Injuries Law Firm, our attorneys have over 30 years representing Florida trucking accident victims. We know the types of injuries trucking accidents cause and the financial compensation needed to pay for those injuries not just now but in the future. We also know trucking regulations and laws inside and out and can help identify exactly what caused the accident. We’ll then go after the liable party, no matter where they are located, and fight to get you full and fair compensation. Call us today at 941-625-HURT for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you.