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The Big Misconceptions About Insurance Companies

In Florida, as with much of the nation, if you're injured in an accident then one of your first steps will likely be to turn in a claim with your insurance company. If it's an automobile accident, you'll be filing with your PIP provider while those who are injured in work-related accidents may file a worker's compensation claim. Those injured elsewhere may have to file a claim with a different insurance company, but no matter the case the process is essentially the same:

  • You fill out the appropriate forms and submit your claim, along with medical reports and expenses, to the insurance company.

  • Someone with the insurance company reviews the info you provide and determines if your claim is eligible for compensation.

  • If so, you'll be offered a settlement check which you can accept and then use to pay off medical costs and get back on your feet.

Sounds easy enough, but in practice there are numerous issues that commonly come up. The biggest misconception about insurance companies is that your policy is there to provide you with total protection and keep you financially secure if an accident occurs. However, if you look more closely, you'll find some harsh truths about insurance companies.

The thing you must remember is this - insurance companies are a business, and their primary goal is to make money, nothing more. And when they are regularly paying out settlements and claims, it becomes much harder to keep their profits high. Because of this, insurance companies will often fight against those seeking compensation - even when they obviously have the right to receive it.

There are numerous tricks that an insurance company may use to try to prevent you from getting the settlement you deserve - or even getting one at all. These may include:

  • Stalling for months at a time or requesting continuances in the courts

  • Offering settlements that are lower than you deserve

  • Demanding numerous forms and pieces of paperwork that are actually unneeded

  • Denying claims for obtuse and vague reasons

In each of these instances, the primary thing to understand is that while the insurance companies may have numerous professional attorneys on their side or use various scare tactics to try to prevent you from getting what you're owed, you do have rights.

However, in order to make sure that you get what you deserve you may need to have someone on your side that can help. Our team of personal injury lawyers is a perfect example of this. With decades of experience at helping people with personal injury claims and with standing up to the insurance companies, we can make a huge difference.

That difference is simply that insurance companies prefer not to allow a case to go to court if it's a legitimate claim. This is because settling out of court often saves them money. When you have a professional attorney on your side, the insurance companies will have more respect for your case and will give it the attention it deserves. Simply put, they will be more likely to settle your case than if you were attempting to seek compensation on your own.

If you've been injured, it's in your best interests to enlist professional help in order to secure the financial compensation that you truly deserve. Our team can help. Contact us today for your free consultation.